Top 3 reasons to have a cuddle buddy

cuddleAs we prepare for our official launch, we’d like to briefly talk about our audience and what we’ve learnt so far.

A social networking website for cuddle buddies is admittedly an unusual concept and therefore we essentially went in blind with this project with very little understanding of exactly who we should be targeting as potential users.

In our beta period, which is soon coming to a close, we’ve noticed three leading scenarios that have caused people to take an interest in our free networking service.

Relationship Rehab
Have you ever had a difficult break-up? It often leaves you craving affection and intimacy. We believe that one significant element of this heartbreak is oxytocin withdrawal. Oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’, is a hormone released into the body which creates a natural high – its release triggered by tender touch. If you’ve been enjoying a close long-term relationship with someone, your body comes to expect its regular dose of oxytocin.

When a break-up occurs, that frequent oxytocin release comes to a halt. Depending on how affectionate your relationship was, this can cause a serious shock to your system. Oxytocin withdrawal increases the feeling of post break-up loneliness and leaves you feeling desperate for that missing warmth. It’s this emotional impact that can lead to unhealthy rebound relationships as one urgently searches to fill the void without a clear head.

We’ve noticed that many sensible people in this scenario are seeking cuddle buddies to help deal with that sudden lack of oxytocin. We’re very pleased to provide a platform for this situation whilst simultaneously preventing unhealthy rebound relationships.

Choice of Singledom
Many people have joined because they are not ready for a relationship. These people have consciously chosen to live the single life while it suits their lifestyle – but that hasn’t changed their innate need for affection. This is where we happily step in.

Always on the move
Our website isn’t just attracting singles. We were initially surprised to see a significant number of joinees who are in a relationship. We then discovered that many of these members had jobs requiring frequent travelling around the country. This meant they were geographically prevented from getting the needed affection and intimacy from their partner. Our website has given these people the tools to contact cuddle buddies in the regions in which they are intending to travel so they can organise a cuddle while they’re there.

At, we can’t wait to find out more about our audience and the reasons behind their interest in our service. Make sure you let us know your story on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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