What is a cuddle buddy? | CuddleComfort.com

What is a cuddle buddy?

A cuddle buddy is a friend for the purpose of sharing physical affection with whilst having a mutual understanding that it will not progress to something of a romantic nature.

Why have one in the first place?

There are times where we all enjoy physical affection with another but typically you’ll only get this in a romantic relationship. Until we settle down with someone, that intimacy won’t always be available.

But a cuddle buddy changes that - it allows for physical affection at your convenience with no strings attached.

Why use this website to find one?

Asking an existing friend to become your cuddle buddy is awkward and leaves room for misinterpretation. But on CuddleComfort.com, everyone understands the concept and wants the same thing.

Is this website really free?

Yes, this website is genuinely free. Unlike some other websites, we don't surprise you with pay-walls in front of features hindering the purpose of you signing up.

Once I've registered for free, what next?

Please look at our How It Works illustration.