Does a cuddle buddy cure insomnia?

cuddling-in-bedJoni Reene from Opposing Views has written an article on the degradation of her health as a result of lack of touch.

She was fortunate enough to know a friend who she could approach for pressure-free intimacy. It was only after she got herself a cuddle buddy that her insomnia was cured and general well-being improved.

An opportunity arose for a guy friend to come over that evening. I made sure we snuggled for an hour, just chatting about our day. I thought, “I’m going to sleep well tonight!” and voilà. For the first time in three months, sleep encompassed me the moment I lay down, and I awoke refreshed. I did not have a desire for sexual relations with my new snuggle buddy, and made that clear. So the space was clear for us to comfort each other with no other agendas. The next day, we watched a movie and cuddled. I felt fantastic for weeks.

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Survey reveals America’s most cuddle-friendly states

Nevada has the highest demand in the US for no-strings-attached intimacy, according to a survey by, which came out of beta today in the United States. West Virginia claimed second place, while Maine proved to be the state least in need of affection, at 94% below America’s average.

Over a period of six months, monitored 300 visitors from each US state to determine their average time spent browsing for a cuddle buddy. The results from each state were then compared to the national average.

Although some regions are clearly more interested in a cuddle buddy than others, there are certain scenarios that lead to this desire that are universal. One example is a difficult relationship break-up, which can leave people feeling desperate for affection and in a mentally vulnerable state. Our website helps to prevent unhealthy rebounds by essentially providing relationship rehab.

Top places to cuddle in America

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Cuddle hormone can make you angry

New research shows that oxytocin, the hormone that makes us feel good from cuddling, has a darker side.
Couple fighting
Andrew Kemp of the University of Sydney who co-wrote a paper in Current Directions in Psychological Science with colleague Adam Guastella, has discovered that oxytocin can actually promote negative emotions.

They found that oxytocin can increase gloating, envy and even anger. Salespeople may have to think twice now before spraying oxytocin on themselves in the hope of increasing trust from their customers.

Kept said,

If you were to take a convicted criminal with a tendency towards aggression and give him oxytocin to make him more social, and if that were to enhance anger as opposed to suppressing anger, then that has very substantial implications.

This research is really important because we don’t want to go ahead and attempt to treat a range and variety of psychiatric disorders with oxytocin without fully understanding the impact this may have on emotion and mood.

Any angry cuddlers out there?

Men appreciate cuddling more than women – yes, really

A new study has revealed that men value the importance of cuddling more than women in a long-term relationship.

This is rather surprising to say the least but if that didn’t make you look twice, this will: the study also found that in the long run, sex plays a bigger role in a woman’s happiness than a man’s.

The survey, which involved 1,000 couples from five different countries, found that men who reported frequent kissing and cuddling were three times as happy, on average, as those who had less snuggling with their wives or girlfriends.

Women, meanwhile, said that such shows of affection had very little impact on their happiness.

Lead author Julia Heiman, said:

Cuddles were more important to men in predicting the degree of happiness.

The really useful message is we should not make presumptions about the genders.

Because there’s no way to be sure we’re going to be right in any way.

Mattress designed for cuddle buddies

I’m sure you love snuggling in bed with someone you trust but isn’t it a pain when you end up with the inevitable dead arm after a few minutes? One alternative is to put your arm behind their pillow but it’s in no way ideal.

Well, say good bye to this snuggle dilemma because someone by the name of Mehdi Mojtabv has designed a mattress specifically for cuddle buddies. By having the mattress designed in strips, it allows for the arms to go in gaps at multiple locations.

Flexible cuddle buddy mattress design


Here’s hoping this goes into production!