Guest blogging

Guest blogging

Interested in writing for us? We’re now accepting guest posts to our blog. We’re really excited to publish your stories and perspectives from within the cuddle community.

What we’re looking to cover

It’s simple, we’re looking to publish anything cuddle related. For example, that could be a interesting personal cuddle experience, an opinion piece on the industry, advice to other cuddlers or just a cuddle angle on a news story you found on your Facebook feed.

If you’re interested, please read the guidelines below and submit your blog here.

How it works

1. You write your blog post and submit it using this online form.
2. We review your post to make sure it’s about cuddling and reads to a reasonable standard.
3. When approved, the article is published with the following exposure:

* The blog homepage
* Our Twitter page
* Our Facebook page
* The Cuddle Buddies facebook page
* Google via relevant searches

Editorial Guidelines

1. The post should have a minimum word count of 500 words.
2. It should read well and have good spelling and grammar.
3. The content is yours, truthful and based on fact.
4. If you’re posting about an existing news story elsewhere, remember to link to the source.

Ok, we’re good to go. Post your guest blog here.