Talking on the Phone/email all day

I received a message from someone that immediately said he wanted to talk on the phone.
How do you handle this?

I now some will just want to talk and not pay for anything or they will email all day


  • "I can spare three minutes for a quick phone call" or a similar response. Keep track of the time and say, "Ok, I have to go now, bye" at the appropriqte time

  • Or maybe they are simply trying to get communication off CC as quickly as possible because they know they are going to push boundaries.

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    Just be aware you are required to have an accepted booking proposal before you can exchange any outside contact information. You can always cancel this.

    I wouldn't do it simply because the urgency to move communication off-site is always a good indicator they want to make inappropriate requests away from the site where they know they are monitored.

    Then we have time wasters who want your endless attention with zero intentions to book.

    This would be my response.

    Please feel free to send any questions you may have via onsite messaging and I'll be happy to answer them.

    Then watch them fall off the map. They usually disappear if they think you're onto their scheme.

    If you do take communication off-site.
    Do NOT use your real phone # or email address. Use Google voice or something similar.

    Keep the time limited. Example, 5 min and stick to it. Give some of these guys an inch they will steal your ruler.

  • I’ve had too much of this happen. The time wasting can be debilitating for me.
    I can be too nice, I genuinely like talking to people, I’m curious about them, But i need to be earning $$ and it’s preventing me from being productive if I let it.
    So I now offer a Virtual conversation session and charge. That’s what I’ve had to do at times. Remember, in some cases they might be at work being paid but maybe you’re not. They don’t think of it that way.

  • Talking texting emailing is so 2022 mind reading is the way to go

  • @lonelytauros I knew you were going to say that.

  • Everything @Rezz said.

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

  • @lonelytauros lol
    Thank you everyone. I've had this with other sites where guys will just chat then take the extra mile.
    I defin. agree, it's draining.

    I didn't know if it was allowed here which is why I asked as well as I didn't know if you found it's helpful since this is a very intimate thing that we're doing although, we don't see it that way, we know these guys can.

  • Oh yeah, I was actually considering making a thread about this before. It's insane how much potential clients will try to constantly keep your attention. More so, and I think the point I wanted to bring up most is about the clients who won't stop texting you AFTER the session. Is there a thread on that already?

    Like @carrieanne said - Want to be nice and be open to conversation with people, but the boundary lines get blurred sometimes.

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