New Yorkers!?

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Anyone one from New York City



  • I am new to this city and i am from new york

  • Anyone near Albany?

  • Was also wondering about anyone near Albany. I'm closer towards Saratoga Springs

  • The Bronx in the house. My birthday is tomorrow, who's down to cuddle?

  • How about anyone in the central NY region, around Ithaca?

  • Hello I'm in Brooklyn, NY.

  • I was just out in Brooklyn like 3 days ago @comfycouch

  • Hey everyone! I am located in Manhattan. If anyone would like a cuddle session, I am all ready.

  • [Deleted User]frumcuddle (deleted user)

    Yup, Brooklyn NY

  • [Deleted User]Richk (deleted user)

    I'm from Long Island but I'm willing to travel to the city for a cuddle anyone is interested

  • oh darn, everyone is so far away from me....booooo hoooo

  • @MARCARES You could switch places with me :P

  • [Deleted User]SweetStuff (deleted user)
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  • Also from New York, but in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls region

  • [Deleted User]CozyTherapy (deleted user)
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    Hi everyone-- Long Island here! I'm new to the site (although not new to cuddling) and wanted to introduce myself. Looks like a great group of people here on these forums, I'm excited to get to know you. Message me to say hi if you like!

  • Hey I’m in Long Island too (Huntington) and go to the city a lot. Definitely feel free to reach out to me :)

  • Qns/LI area here...

  • Best cuddled in NY specials $30hr
    Hit me up ladies

  • Anyone anywhere near Ithaca?

  • Hi everyone,
    I live in Manhattan, I'm new to cuddling and this site. You should totally hit me up of you want to cuddle ^~^

  • I live in Manhattan, I'm new to cuddling and this site.

  • I'm in the city and looking to travel within reason. Happy holidays everyone!

  • [Deleted User]VivienneV (deleted user)

    :3 newbie to this website. Hi guys!!!

    I’m a Manhattan based cuddler, I have been in the practice of cuddledom since 2009. It all started in college when my roommate had panic attacks and it was the only way to calm her down. We bonded and moved past her anxiety without much pharmaceutical help and she is now married with a child on the way.

    I think what I have to offer goes beyond just being another warm body to hold, but actual friendship that stays with you for a lifetime.

    Should you be curious about my techniques and care to book a session in Manhattan please inquire. I’m friendly, straight forward and professional at all times in my sessions.


  • Upstate New York :) dutchess county area

  • I'm pretty new to this site but hello everyone! I currently reside in the Bronx, but I am totally fine with commuting to Manhattan as well :)

  • Pro cuddler in Nyc here ...hey guys

  • Cuddly guy in the Binghamton area. Polyamorous, married, and a girlfriend. Platonic cuddles only. Medically disabled so high availability. :)

  • [Deleted User]Danaxox (deleted user)

    Professional cuddler in the hudson valley newburgh area

  • [Deleted User]Danaxox (deleted user)

  • I live in midtown, close to timesquare. Missing cuddling. Would anyone like to cuddle this weekend?

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