Cuddle poem

My regular cuddler is going away for a while, and I was reflecting on our time together.

So ... first poem I've written in about 25 years!

(Being a bit vulnerable here; please don't interpret it as anything other than platonic. Thus the name, for emphasis!).

Platonic (For S.)

Safe in your arms,
I let my guard fall.
Affection wells up
From within.
Platonic and sweet,
Innocent and pure,
Here in this place
We connect.

Your body a treasure
I'm honoured to touch.
Your trust means so much
My dear friend.
I'm happy you know
That you're safe in my arms
I guard and protect you

Holding you now
I explore who you are,
Tracing the side of your face ...
Your angel wing shoulders,
The curve of your waist,
Playfully touching your toes.
I know there is pressure
To be some ideal, but
You're perfect
Just as you are.

Gently I touch
Under your ears,
Fingertips slide
Down your back.
Holding you tight,
I say once again:
Thank you
For just being you.

All opened up,
Safe to be known.
One touch of your hand
Goes so deep ...
You reach for my arm
And I melt inside,
Just washes over me.


  • Aww, how sweet! ^-^ I'm sure your cuddle buddle will appreciate the thought.

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    PostScript to original post: We just had the most lovely last cuddle before she went away ... wow. I treasure and appreciate that woman so much!

    Tingling from my fingertips all the way to my toes was quite an experience for me ...

  • [Deleted User]Greybeard (deleted user)

    My condolences in your loss.

  • @Greybeard Well, she's coming back in a month and a bit! It's not sad really. I will miss her though.

    I also realise that poem might make it sound kind of serious, but it was very light hearted and fun together last night. It's just the way I write. :)

  • @respectful. That is so lovely. Thank you for sharing with us all!!!!

  • @Lorelei, @AlexBabyBoo23 Thanks! The atmosphere of this forum makes it pretty safe to share things ...

    Just to give an idea of the "lighter side", here are a few things that came up in the conversation.

    "That feels so nice. You ought to be a professional!" (She already is ...)

    "I was thinking about you and stroking the steering wheel of my car with my thumb today. But you're definitely better than a steering wheel. Maybe I should put that as a karma comment: 'Better than a steering wheel' ..."

  • @Respectful. It's so nice to hear people share positive experiences, especially in light of all the recent trolling.

    As for the steering wheel, I think it's so wonderful you have such fond memories of the sessions that you can go back at any moment and be in that peaceful place. I very often go back and revisit cuddle sessions, especially since I haven't been able to cuddle for a while since I had surgery last month.

  • @AlexBabyBoo23 I hope you get to cuddle again some time soon then! Maybe a very gentle cuddle ...

    Care to share a fond memory? I know it can be hard to find the words to express it sometimes though.

  • Thank you @respectful! I'm on crutches for a few weeks yet, so we will see.

    I do have a fond memory to share, but I'm no poet and won't try. I met a Cuddle friend who had never cuddled before. We had the most wonderful time :-) When our time together ended, he walked me to my car. When I pulled out to drive away, he walked along the sidewalk to the corner - I was at the red light and I saw him standing there, it warmed my heart! I waved goodbye, and I was suddenly very sad to see him in getting smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror.

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    @AlexBabyBoo23 That's a lovely memory, if sad as well ... I'm sure he remembers that time fondly too.

    First time cuddles - or after a long time without touch - can be so impacting. :)

    I'm looking at you Mr @Potatochip!

  • [Deleted User]OzVisitor (deleted user)

    I could only wish I were as articulate as @respectful and @AlexBabyBoo23.

    Were I not such a stoic manly man you both might make me shed a tear :(

    @respectful: what you say resonates so much. I live out of a suitcase and my favourite cuddle buddy lives in a different country to me. When we say bye we don’t know when my travels will line up to allow us to see each other again.

    She made me feel comforted such that I never ever believed was humanly possible. I miss her deeply but am so happy because we believe we will meet again in April. That keeps me going.

    I am determined to see her at least three times this year; I believe that’s achievable. However we’re seriously talking ocean crossings and major time zone changes here!

    However she’s worth every second ...

  • @OzVisitor "However she’s worth every second ..." - I can easily believe it.

    There are some words I associate strongly with cuddling by now ...

    Comfort. Intimacy. Affection. Caring. Closeness. Giving. Receiving. Safety. Openness. Trust. Tingling!

    And Loved. In the sense of feeling cared for, fully accepted and treated extremely well. Hard to deny feeling loved after a touching and intimate cuddle.

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