Some stats about female professionals (including world map)

Here are some statistics for 1439 female professionals who cuddle men (from a few days ago). Note that not every person answered every question.

(I'm assuming it's OK to give these stats as it's public information ...)

90% are age 20-45 (average age 29).

Of the US pros that have a fixed hourly fee listed, the fee ranges from $40 to $150 per hour (only 3 charge over $120). The average is $79.

90% are between 5' and 5' 10" (average 5' 5"). 1% are 6' or taller, and 2% are under 5'.

30% can host, 88% can be guest and 72% can be public. 20% can be all three.

For body type, 14% see themselves as skinny or slim, 12% as fit or athletic, 37% as average or a little extra, 27% as curvy and 10% as full figured or overweight.

78% own cars.

33% drink rarely or never, 64% drink socially and 3% drink often.

78% don't smoke.

51% are white, 13% black, 13% latino, 11% inter-racial, 3% asian, 1% each indian, middle eastern, native american and pacific islander, and around 5% "other".

43% answered "Other" for religion, 31% Christian, 11% Agnostic, 5% Catholic, 5% Atheist, 3% Buddhist, 1% Judaism and 1% Hinduism.

31% have a child or children.

Their favourite TV show is Game of Thrones; they also like Friends, The Office, Shameless, Supernatural, Ricky & Morty, Big Bang Theory, This Is Us, Stranger Things, Criminal Minds and Once Upon a Time.

Their favourite movies are The Notebook, Titanic, Nightmare Before Christmas, Princess Bride, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, The Fifth Element, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice.

They own slightly more dogs than cats. Other pets include rabbits, turtles, fish, guinea pigs, gerbils and a hedgehog.

Edit: And 14% have any empty "About Me" in their profile!


  • @Respectful, this is fascinating to know. It also makes me wonder how much time you have on your hands, LOL. How long did it take you to compile this?

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    @quietman775 "It also makes me wonder how much time you have on your hands"

    Lol, people keep saying that! I have lots of time right now, but that might change very soon so I'm making the most of it ...

    It took a few intense days (for this one and the other one about the top rated ones). I get a bit obsessed with my little projects sometimes. :p

  • @o0ashley is one of the people that emailed him saying that he has too much time on his hands. lol we all love him anyways though lol

  • [Deleted User]SJSpooner (deleted user)

    @respectful - Ok, yes I can tell you do have a lot of time on your hands these days! LOL

    Just curious - what was your objective in collecting and presenting this data to the community? As in - were you hoping that it would help people in their selection of female pro cuddlers?

    I must say - I catch a whiff of "commodofication" going on here. Which is why I ask...

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    @SJSpooner "What was your objective in collecting and presenting this data to the community?"

    No special reason actually, I had just collected the data and thought it was interesting. It's just answering the question, "Who have we got here?"

    No commodofication is happening! :) (I learned a new word today ...)

    Statistics are just kind of fun sometimes ...

  • @respectful seems ok since it is info being pulled from their public profile, the basic info that they are sharing. as long as it isn't sharing private info about others, things they don't openly share/state on their profile, then it should be all good.
    i do find this kind of stuff interesting :)

    @SJSpooner learned my new word of the day too Lol

  • [Deleted User]SJSpooner (deleted user)

    @respectful and @reurbo - happy to edify! Always... :-) Words are our friends!

  • If you like learning new words I suggest floccinaucinihilipilification, learnt this word at work the other week and sums up what I'm thinking about some of these stats ;)

    Just kidding, some of these are actually quite fascinating, not that this affects me much as I'm from the UK but I do enjoy a few stats from time to time! @respectful I'm curious, have you got any stats for us concerning what areas of the country pros reside in, like would you say more come from a particular area than any other or are people pretty much scattered all over the place?

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    @willmott2k10 "are people pretty much scattered all over the place?"

    I've worked in GIS before, so ...


    (Positions are very approximate ... there are 27 listed as being in Canada, not 60!)

    USA and Canada




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    And just for interest, here are the joining dates for all female professionals up to January 2018 ...

    (Only includes pros who are still here).

  • Now that last chart is really interesting ... there really are a ton of new pros. (It wasn't just my imagination!) Very curious about the significant jump since December '16 and especially last month ... mass exodus from Snuggle Buddies, I wonder?

  • @salvadanish Note that I don't have access to data about pros who have left, so there is some bias in the graph (it only shows professionals who are still here). But it does look like an increasing trend ...

  • Amazing work. Very insightful. Thanks, @respectful!

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    Really interesting. Nice work!

  • Incredible job - I love this so much - thank you so much for posting all of this. I definitely appreciate your time and efforts, as I think it is thoughtful, creative and sincerely informative.

  • I really love and appreciate this kind of data! The charts are icing on the cake <3

  • [Deleted User]CharlesTwisted (deleted user)

    @SJSpooner & @respectful

    Well, the entire site is dedicated to commodification...

  • Sexual love has been commodified, so why not platonic cuddling? Most of the members come from a capitalist country.

    My tongue is firmly in only needs to guess which side.

  • These data are great to see. And the beautiful thing about data is that they’re just facts, not opinions. I look at this data gathering project as a labor market survey. Commodification implies the making of something a commodity. A statistician can’t make cuddling a commodity when it already is one— if it weren’t, there would be no pro cuddlers to draw the statistics from.

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