Question on last minute cancellation by client

I've read the site terms & policy regarding if client last minute cancellation. Professional cuddlers are entitled to get payment from that client for 50% of the total session cost. How can professional cuddlers able to get paid by that client?


  • Luck. Lol. Really only works on good will by the client to be honest. I've heard some of the ladies say if they try to book again that they will ask for session price up front to prevent a repeat.

  • That's a good idea, thanks! Sorry for the additional question since I'm new on this site. Does the pro use PayPal to collect payment up front for those unreliable clients?

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    I unfortunately had to cancel on a pro recently at the last minute but was able to reschedule with her at a later date. When we had our session, I paid her for that session and for half of the previously agreed-upon session. It’s all about people holding true to their word which I did. I don’t think she expected it because she never mentioned it. I did it though because it’s the right thing to do.

    I personally don’t like how there is no defined discount if a pro cancels. I think that it should be half off a future session.

  • @CaringSoul yeah usually PayPal. Maybe square if you have that.

    @Morpheus I've seen you mention this before. I completely disagree. There is a huge difference. If a client cancels on a pro last minute they may have had to say no to other appointments in that time slot. There is a clear loss of income potential there. Undenyable. If a pro cancels on a client the client may not get to cuddle but they have lost nothing in terms of financial means. The one exception to that I would personally make is if they had already gotten a hotel room or drove a ways for instance I would make that up to them somehow. But there is a clear difference between the two. Sorry but I just don't see the logic in your side.

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    @ashleycuddles how can you say there is a huge difference without knowing the entire story? What if he took the day off of work and is losing out on money specifically because he wanted to have a session which he is now unable to have. What if he hired a baby sitter for that day? The list of what ifs can go on and on. In reading your comment, it appears that you’re only seeing one side to the story. The rule also shows a disparity in treatment which makes clients feel unvalued. I believe in fairness and equality for all parties.

  • Reread hun because I did list some of those as an instance where I would make an exception. But you are asked for a blanketed discount with no reason other than you think that you deserve it

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    There’s no need for me to re read. I understand my opinion and stand by it. As I said, there should be fairness and equality in this world for everyone and that includes this site. Also an FYI I don’t think I’ve ever had a pro cancel on me. I may have but if so, I don’t remember.

  • I said that I would be willing to work something out if they had put money into meeting with me such as a long drive or hotel room. But if you are just sitting at home waiting for me to show how does that make sense that I would reimburse you for that? I've never cancelled and always keep clients fully informed of my status so I've never had to navigate this scenario. But again you are asking for an industry standard not for these possible scenarios.

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    I agree with @morpheous. I think he was just saying that if a pro cancels, if that person chooses to reschedule or work with that pro again it would be fair to get a discount off of the future session, not that the pro should pay them. Or if the person had to pay upfront, then they should be refunded since the session didn't happen or again use some sort of discount on a future session to account for that. Many things could be worked out privately to settle all that. I don't think it's fair to assume the person requesting the session isn't just as valuable and their time isn't money or that they are not missing out on money, time, travel etc for that session just because they're not the one providing the services. @ashleycuddles. Everyones time & money is important, regardless if they're a receiver or giver.

  • Lol ok well sorry but I do everything in my power to keep clients informed of everything because I believe reliability is important. But if my son were to get injured and I had to rush him to the hospital. I would hope that the client would not come at me and say that I owe him half off because of an unforseen circumstance. I would rather make a decision to make up the inconvenience because I think it's the right thing than a requirement. In fact if a client set that as a requirement even before meeting I would politely decline meeting them because our personalities would not mesh well in a session.

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    @AshleyCuddles, I think that we understand that you would do the reasonable thing in any given situation.

    Like @Morpheus, I would see this from the side of the client. Much more time and cost is involved on the part of the client than just the money paid and time spent with the professional. And its not about an exception, its the rule. We always make sacrifices for that appointment. Even if we are sitting at home waiting for the pro to arrive.

    Instead of viewing it as a loss (giving a discount or more time or whatever to make up for cancelling an appointment) I would call it an investment.

    But a pro should not feel obligated to compensate monetarily a client because she had to cancel an appointment. I think the idea is just to create a way to invite the client to reschedule, assuming that that is what is desired by both parties involved.

  • I'm choosing to no longer comment in this post as it's only going to turn into a heated debate and I don't want to become disrespectful towards anyone. Agree to disagree. Best wishes to you all.

  • I agree with @morpheus and @calineur. If I had to cancel last minute, I would want to offer a discount or something to encourage them to give me another try. Mutual respect =) Also, not everything is financial. I would assume that the person was looking forward to and anticipating the session, so there is potential emotional cost as well. The goal would be to not cancel though, of course =)

  • About a year ago a was out of town and I got in touch with a pro and we went back and forth for a while via PM and agreed on a date and time. It was 10pm on a weekday and then I waited and waited and she never showed up. Next day she told me via PM that she had overslept and apologized and I left it at that. I didn’t go out that night to wait for her so it was a lost night for me and I think my time is as important as anybody else’s. She wanted to come over the following night but I declined. She never offered anything to compensate for my lost time by the way.
    I then ended up meeting a lovely non pro in the same city and we spent a lovely night together.
    The Pro I mentioned didn’t stay on the site much longer and she is gone altogether now.
    In any business if you don’t take care of your clients then you won’t be in business for long.

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    It’s not my intention to create a debate, I’m just stating my opinion.

  • @AshleyCuddles is not saying that everyones time isn't valuable, that's not how I'm reading it at all. What I am seeing is a lot of entitlement on the parts of some of you, and an attempt to paint people a certain way if they don't give you what you want. It is for the same reason you might make it a point to always bring up how amazing it is and how much more you may be willing to see someone who gives you extra time, just putting it out there to try to make them compete against themselves and make it a consumers market. It also makes someone with an opposing opinion afraid to speak up out of fear that if they disagree and are backed into a corner it will affect their business. Its also the same reason why i was told way back when that i should not be taking the side of the pros as it makes things difficult for the clients, and was attempted to be bullied into changing the way i post, and was also encouraged to join an offsite chat group whose purpose is essentially to complained about prices and complain about pros. And not to mention too that the person who did this is someone who claims to see the most pros yet has a history of getting into flame wars, harassing both publicly and privately, and generally being very disrespectful to them then going out of his way to be extra syrupy and present as though he is being some sort of a peace maker. Its the age old paid cuddler vs client who is mad that he doesn't get his way with something. Nobody is saying that your time isn't valuable, however just like with other services that you may procure such as a massage, pedicure, etc, if you were to have a cancellation of the appt for whatever reason, then it would be silly to expect a discount when you reschedule. I do understand the frustration, but its unfair to have an expectation of a discount and then pick at someone who disagrees. I will that when it comes to giving discounts for missed appts, there are multiple factors at hand and should be a case by case basis. Factors to consider are whether there was a reasonable effort to cancel, communication between the parties, whether they are a regular, and whether this is a pattern.

  • @AshelyCuddles also clearly states she is more than happy to make it up when there is a hardship on the client for having missed the appt.

  • It wasn’t my intention to create a debate. Reading and writing comments is a delicate process. @Ashleycuddles, I apologize if I made you feel bad with my comment. No personal offense intended, and it is possible I missed someting in the reading. I appreciate your comments.

  • I don't really think a discount should be expected. I just said I would want to offer something in order to encourage them to give me another try (if I really feel they will be a good client or are a regular I like). I'm pretty sure if I went for a massage appointment and the office was closed, I would be aversive to making another. Same with this. I might have to work to get that person to stick with me. On the flip side though, if a pro were booked full all the time, they don't necessarily need or want to offer those discounts. It's all a personal decision.

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    Personally would just reset up a schedule if it couldnt work for one side.. If that person really wants to meet me and they are caring and understanding, I will want to meet them even more. And if I really want to see them, Il make it happen. and the delay usually isnt a big deal. If they throw a fit or ask for free stuff; Id be a bit thrown off and would just ask if we could figure out a way without involving extra money or extra time or whatever. Just seems unnecessary for me.

  • I agree. It should not be expected or demanded, but there's nothing wrong with someone who chooses to offer.

  • I have a 24 hour cancellation policy that goes both ways.

    If they cancel within 24 hours, they know that I charge them for setting aside the time for them. If I cancel within 24 hours, our next session is on me.

    Pros and clients should be held to the same standards!!

    I've never had anyone no-show on me with this policy. I love that my clients respect my time and that helps me feel so loving and generous towards them if things to do come up.

    Pre-payment is an important way to help each other honor our agreements. For a small number of clients, I highly recommend Venmo.

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    Thanks @hugsfromfei for that. I agree that both pros and clients should be held to the same standard. There should be no disparity in treatement, everything should be equal and fair. I did read a few people say that no discount should be expected, to those who said that, does that mean if a client cancels on you for a valid reason, you don’t expect him to pay you half the session as the CSA states?

  • @HugsFromFei I agree I like that you have same standard for yourself as you expect from clients .

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    It seems everyone has their own opinion regarding cancellations. For me, it's a case by case basis. Generally, I will double book anyway unless someone places a deposit (they are aware of my booking policy and have the option of placing a deposit). If someone cancels I will work with them to reschedule. If someone no-shows, I leave them Karma regarding the no-show, block them and don't give them a second thought. With that being said, I have a 3 layer confirmation process. I confirm a few days prior, the day prior and the day of. No-shows at that point are unacceptable.

  • @Morpheus, I just meant that if a professional cancels at the last minute in any other industry, they don't offer financial compensation that I know of. It will likely affect future business from that person or may display in a review from that person of your establishment, but the customer doesn't receive anything. If a businessowner chooses to compensate the customer for canceling late, that is their decision. Generally speaking, places that offer this level of customer service will get more back in new or repeat business than it cost to compensate the customer, so I would view it as a smart move, but I still don't think it should be expected as it is expected to have a cancellation fee onto the customer for canceling on the professional late...

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