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Do prefer to host, or do you prefer her to host? Or do you like public or outings? And Why?

I have done all 3 now, and I think Ill enjoy hosting or park cuddles most. Something about listening to nature while cuddling is really nice to me, but I also like to host because I love welcoming people in my space.
Im finally able to host again and Im curious to see if theres a preference? Il probably still offer both, but Im curious to see :)
But also, What are some issues you may have with going to a pros house? And any ideas that could make a cuddlers place extra inviting/cozy?


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    It's fun for me being a guest in someone's home. There's something lovely about being welcomed into their space, and also seeing their personality -- what they've put on their shelves, art and so on. And it's just nice spending time in an environment with feminine touches like lacy curtains, pretty cushions etc.

    Scents can add to that too, as long as they're not overwhelming! I'm not a candle person but I imagine some people would get a lot out of them too.

  • I prefer to host. I’m comfortable in my own place. I can control the radio, tv and environment. I like to be able to take a nap right after the pro leaves and stay relaxed. Pros seem to really enjoy coming over to my place.

  • If the client feels good about his place and about the pro, then hosting is preferred in my opinion. It’s like the “home court advantage” - where we feel most comfortable and safe.

    On the other hand, if we don’t feel comfortable with someone we don’t know at all, then being a guest is nice too. Or if we are out of town, then that is our only option, other than public.

    Public cuddling I think was invented because there often exists neither one of those two options. Or for variety after getting to know someone.

    Regarding ambience, I don’t pay much attention to it. As long as it is quiet, clean and warm, and a comfortable place to lie down and possibly sleep, that is all I need.

    At one place where I once went as a guest on the way I realized that the place was literally two doors down from a close friend. So that is an example of an issue that could happen going to a pro’s house. (Of course visitors can always stop for an unexpected visit when one is hosting, too). Not sure if that is what you were looking for... ;).

  • In my limited experience (three pros in two years) I hosted in my home once and it was nice but wouldn’t do it again.
    The other two times I hosted in my hotel room while out of town in business and that is my preferred setting.
    If I do another session in my home town area with a pro then I would get a hotel room. Actually I do get hotel rooms on the regular basis provided for me while doing work in my home area and I’ve messaged a few pros over time when those occasions come about but I haven’t gotten responses back so I haven’t been able to put those nice settings to good use.
    As far as public cuddling goes I’ve only done those with non pros and the setting has been the drive in movie theater, parks and the movies and the park was by far the better one of the three but if I was to pay a pro I wouldn’t do a public cuddle, just my personal preference.

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    I have only paid to cuddle twice and it was with the same person a couple yrs back and was in her home. In my opinion going to a persons home seems like it takes the pressure off the client of having to entertain, clean, create the atmosphere, etc. Though some may prefer that, for me it creates a little anxiety. I think I would be worried about whether they like my home, whether they are appeased, etc. Plus some charge more if they are coming to you. Plus I'm a single parent and just really prefer not to have unfamiliar people in my home. I would hope whoever I am cuddling is trustworthy but sometimes you cant be sure. I do quite enjoy hotel cuddles as well. It is like a vacation for us both, and neither are responsible for clean up etc. I have a couple people who when we do get together to snuggle it is overnight at hotel, and its great to lounge around, eat in bed, go to hot tub, watch tv etc, and then just be able to leave it all behind. I literally bring nothing but sleep clothes and hygiene products.

  • I may be in the minority here, but I MUCH prefer to be a guest and let the pro host. I've never done a public cuddle, and don't much like the idea. I get an image of sitting on a hard park bench on a hot day swatting mosquitoes, LOL. Or sitting in a movie theater where conversatiion isn't possible, and neither is eye contact for the most part. Another consideration for me is living in a small town with close neighbors; if I am having one of my cuddle marathons, it's better not to have a long parade of different women coming by. Being a guest only involves driving. Being a host involves all the pre-session prep mentioned above. For all of these reasons, being a guest is ideal for me.

  • It's interesting the reasons some are stating for preferring to be a guest ;-) Maybe the reasons help explain at least some of the "high price of cuddling" lol. Lots of time and energy involved in this work outside the paid time, ha.

    I like hosting because I don't have to drive, but doing a hotel or being a guest saves laundry, ha. Public like a movie is a good option for someone who can't afford the private cuddle. I can appreciate the value and connection in watching something with someone instead of alone, though of course not the same as in a private cuddle.

  • Thanks so much for all.of your replies! It Definently is all over the place, which is good, each experience needs to be unique and special in its own way! But it was interesting to see the reasons why! ^~^
    Happy cuddling everyone! (:

  • “What are some issues going to a pros house “ ?

    Parking . In the city , where , how close , and how much .

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    @Brandi I like cuddling everywhere. :)

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