Cuddle documentary from 2015 and song "Close"

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I just saw the documentary "Cuddle" from 2015.

There's a fairly long summary on IMDB. There are lots of interview excerpts, and many references to (and a few videos of) snuggle parties. Some of it is a bit sad, like the Snuggle House closing down. It was interesting though. I really loved the song at the end:

Close by Aaron Zimmer and Donna Britton

Tired of living without touch
Do I expect too much?
With no connection in my life
It's an uphill climb
So will you hold me?


I wanna get close to you again
Give me some time to drink you in
We'll go somewhere we've never been
Discover a brand new road
Together when we're close ...

Human beings without touch
Will surely die unloved
As out perceptions start to change
We learn a different way
When you hold me

(repeat chorus x 2)

(Tell me if you think I got any of the words wrong)


  • I'm going to have to look for that. Where did you come across it, @respectful ?

  • @Thellie I stumbled across a facebook site for it (search for "cuddle: the documentary" on facebook), but the official website seems to have disappeared now ( -- so I ended up just getting it from eBay.

  • Thanks, @respectful . I'll look for it.

  • Ah. I was thinking of the Nick Jonas song.

    "Close, oh
    Oh, so close, oh
    I want you close, ooh
    'Cause space is just a word made up by someone who's afraid to get close, oh
    Oh, so close, oh
    I want you close, ooh
    Oh, I want you close, and close ain't close enough, no"

    Which... could in theory still be a cuddle song. I am curious about the documentary, though, thank you for sharing. :heart:

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