Stats for cuddlers in Australia and New Zealand

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Here are the locations of cuddlers in Australia and New Zealand, as of around April 10th 2018.

Disclaimer: a few may be missing, and the locations are very approximate (some people just give their location as "Australia" or a state, so they appear in the middle of Australia or that state).

Female cuddlers:

Male cuddlers:

Female professionals:

Male professionals:

A few stats:

In Australia, there are 1868 male cuddlers and 604 female cuddlers (24%). There are 24 female professionals and 2 male ones (both in Sydney).

In New Zealand, there are 200 male cuddlers and 95 females (32%). There are 2 female professionals (in Dunedin and Tauranga) and no male pros.

Out of the female cuddlers in Australia and New Zealand, 51% only cuddle men, 14% only cuddle women and 35% cuddle everyone.

Out of the male cuddlers in Australia and New Zealand, 87% only cuddle women, 7% only cuddle men and 6% cuddle everyone.

59% of men and 62% of women have an empty "About Me" section in their profiles.

59% of men and 61% of women have no profile photo.

4 men and 9 women have karma (less than 0.5%).

Out of the people who filled out the "Can be:" section, 54% can host, 80% can be guests and 41% can cuddle in public; 22% can do all three.

People's favourite movies include Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fast and Furious, Harry Potter, Interstellar, Pulp Fiction and Titanic.

Dogs are slightly more popular than cats as pets.


  • [Deleted User]OzVisitor (deleted user)

    Please accept my apologies for being an Australian whose location is currently the US (being that I am physically in the US right now.)

    Of those stats it would be interesting to see how the numbers change if you take into account recent online activity, say, have logged in within the last fortnight.

  • [Deleted User]OzVisitor (deleted user)

    There are >2400 Australians and only 13 have karma at all! :open_mouth:

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    @OzVisitor "how the numbers change if you take into account recent online activity" -- I was interested in that too (how recent people's activity is), but it's hard to get that info the way I'm doing it.

    @OzVisitor "only 13 have karma at all" -- half of that karma is to/from me :) . I would encourage people to leave more karma, since it's useful and very interesting ...

  • [Deleted User]OzVisitor (deleted user)
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    Yes, I wish people would leave karma. I don’t understand why some people don’t. I believe it all helps establish trust, as well as the community.

    Though, disappointingly, I think it also speaks to the inactivity of the Australian user base. I have certainly not found it easy to get a response in my own country.

  • edited April 2018

    @OzVisitor I suspect people generally just give and receive karma when they cuddle professionals. And most of the pros I've talked to in Australia haven't had very many (professional) cuddles ... it isn't well known here!

  • I'm moving to the North island of New Zealand.

  • Nice work @respectful - this is really interesting stuff. Are you planning to do something similar for other parts of the world? (I'm a fairly recent joiner, so maybe you have already. I'll search...)

  • [Deleted User]ivlegend (deleted user)

    Nice work thanks :)

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    @sjb1973 Here are some other stats posts, but they are just about professionals, not about everyone:

    Some stats about female professionals (including world map)

    Stats for male professionals

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