When do you receive payment for cuddling session?

Before or after session? Before you leave the session? I'm new to this and need some clarification please!


  • The consensus from reading all pro cuddler responses on the subject is that payment should take place before the session starts so it’s out of the way and you can just concentrate on the cuddling and not having to think about collecting afterwards.
    In my limited experience with pros I’ve always made it a point to take care of payment before the session starts.
    I’m my last one that was back in March I had to point out like two times that her payment was on the table because we just kept on talking (she was very nice) and when she was about to go to the bathroom to change clothes I reminded her for the last time and she then put it in her purse.
    Not to be negative but in case something goes wrong during the session it would be better if you already had the money with you if you need to leave for any reason.
    Hope that helps.

  • Hi Mello, this does help. So payment should be upfront when you're both together before the cuddling session begins.

  • What @Mellow said is correct. You get your payment before the cuddle begins. He is exactly correct: you get your payment first in case your client turns out to be disrespectful and you have to leave before the session is over.

  • Yes that makes sense. Is cash only accepted or have you paid with a credit card?

  • That's entirely up to you. While many clients prefer to pay cash, I had one who preferred to pay with a credit card. I fortunately had a card reader with me. You can get a free Square card reader which plugs into your phone and you can do credit card transactions that way, but you need to have access to wifi to use it. You can also use Paypal. Best to discuss the method of payment with your client before the cuddle so you can be prepared.

  • I almost always host and I leave the money on my coffee table which is right next to where I cuddle on my living room sofa. This has always worked out great. Some pros will grab it and put it away right away and some will grab it when they are leaving. You should always offer it up at the start of your session though.

  • Thank you everyone!

  • [Deleted User]lilredmage (deleted user)

    Per the Client Service Agreement:

    "10. The Cuddler will ask for payment from the Client for the Full Session Price as previously agreed between the Cuddler and Client on the website. Payment for each session is due before the session or at the very start of one."

  • @BlueIris I have a square reader. You need WiFi in that it doesn't work over cellular data?

  • PayPal is also really easy

  • I do PayPal with friends and selling stuff, but I like square for business sales... More organized and better platform for a business.

  • I always paid at the end of the session, I was never asked to pay at the beginning, didn't realize it was policy.

  • One of the reasons I like to receive money at the beginning of the session is, that it is out of the way and you and your client don't have to think about it any more. Especially not at the end of the session when your client is in a relaxed, blissful state - it would just ruin the whole experience and you don't want that ;-)

  • [Deleted User]mb2567 (deleted user)

    What if the cuddler pro walks out leaves or asks you to leave ?

  • @mb2567 Only time I hear of that happening is when the person is trying to push for more than cuddling, getting inappropriate and creepy, or makes them feel unsafe.

  • @mb2567 In the 1/1000 chance that you pay the cuddler and she walks out after having not cuddled (and you had done nothing to broach the Client Agreement) -- well, you've been robbed. You can file a police report, I guess. And report the cuddler on here.

    Uh, but I think that's sort-of a non-issue.

  • So when setting up a cuddle session with a client would the client want to meet at their place or another location?

  • The reason the policy is to get the money upfront is in case something goes wrong in the session and the client starts pushing boundaries or makes you feel unsafe you don’t have to choose between getting paid and your safety. I also require a 50% deposit at the time of booking from first time clients, since first time, clients also tend to be the ones to cancel/no-show, the most.

  • So payment doesn’t happen through the site?

  • @anrimari Client paying pro doesn't go through the site. The pro is to collect that, via cash, card or app.
    Pro paying CC their fee via the Credit Card on file) is the only payment that happens within the site.

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