Stats for male and female age preferences

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For users who have been online in the last 9 months ...

75% of women have no stated age preference (70% if you exclude professionals). For those who do, up to around age 32 they prefer older cuddle partners on average; after age 40 or so, the majority prefer younger ones, but they are fairly balanced about older and younger.

In the graph, the age of the person is the vertical axis, and the ages they prefer to cuddle are on the horizontal axis. Their own age is shown as a dot. The red line is for 50% of preferences, and the yellow lines are for 90% of preferences.

82% of men have no stated age preference. For the ones who do, up to age 23 they prefer older cuddle partners on average, and from 25 the majority prefer younger ones.


  • Looks like I should be looking for cuddlers in the age range of 25-42. That's roughly what I was thinking. Too bad that the active cuddlers in my area are all below 20.

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    @tallteddy It's only the minority of people who actually have an age preference (or state one on their profile, anyway). And there are another 10% not in the above graphs whose age ranges extend further.

    I can understand it, but I think people are missing out when they restrict their age range. Mine is "18-99", but find me a 100 year old cuddler and I might give it a try ...

  • Respectful, These graphs are amazing. Thank you. And your comment about age is endearing. So thanks for that too.

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    Agree, these are great graphs!

  • These are fascinating! Thank you Respectful!

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    @respectful - it's misleading to say "75% of women have no age preference". It's more accurate to say "75% of women have no stated age preference". Even if not stated, they do have an age preference. And you did exclude pros from your statistics, right? Pros are not allowed to state an age preference, so that would skew your percentages if they were included.

  • @UKGuy I've clarified that in the original post now.

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