Some user name stats

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Just for fun ...

Looking at user names (for people active the last 9 months):

About 1 in 5 user names include "cuddl", "snuggl" or "hug": @KatCuddles, @supersnuggly, @hugs_please.

"Love" is pretty frequent too: @coffeelover, @letmeloveyou, @love2cuddle.

The most common animal is bear, as in: @bearhug1, @Teddybear93 , @thebigbear.

Other common creatures include: wolves @Wolf_Woman, rabbits @bunnybelle, cats @KittyCasi, pandas @panda1, birds @Luvbird and dragons @DragonEra. And some lions @LionGoesRawr, ducks @cuddleduck, frogs @Old_Frog, butterflies @freebutterfly, puppies @snugpuppy and koalas too @LittleKoala.

Some title words are: mr @mrcuddly, miss @misskittycuddle, boy/dude @cooldude, girl @Sleepygirl, king/prince @Kingofnerds, queen/princess @emo_princess, babe/baby @AngelBabe21.

And lastly: fun @funandadventure, lonely @lonelyrabbit, happy @happyGuy, sweet @sweetashoney, friend @friendlyone, angel @comfortangel499, warm @WarmAndSnuggly, cool @CoolHugs, touch @Magicaltouch222, heal @hearthealer, dream @DreamOwl, heart @softhearted.

Are there other interesting user names that people have noticed?


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