Infrequently Asked Questions

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Infrequently Asked Questions

How can you get people to block you?

I keep trying to get people to block me, but no one ever does! I've been demanding, asked for more revealing photos, made suggestive comments and sent one sentence messages asking to cuddle immediately, but everyone has just been kind and polite. What's the deal?

Your profile is probably too friendly looking. Try removing your "About Me" text completely (and your photo), and include a bit more entitlement in your messages. You should get blocked in no time.

Why isn't my gender available in the search?

I am from a race of beings with three genders, but selecting "Other" in the search only gives 22 gender options. Why the prejudice against trigender?

This site currently only caters for earth based life forms, but there are plans to expand to other forms in the near future.

Not enough attention.

I'm young, female, skinny and non-professional, but no one ever messages me! Maybe my photo is too attractive?

People have their preferences, which is something you can't do too much about. Maybe consider seeing a professional cuddler if there is one nearby. You could also apply some makeup to appear more wrinkly.

What if I don't get aroused?

I'm concerned about what my cuddle partner might think of me if I don't get aroused while cuddling. Is this a common thing?

It is actually quite common and nothing to be too concerned about. Having a purely platonic relationship might be a new experience, but it shouldn't take too long to adjust to this way of relating to people.

Too many enthusiasts in my area.

I've been searching for a professional to cuddle, but all I can find are enthusiasts who want to cuddle for free. Should I look out of state?

It can certainly be worth a long trip to find a lovely cuddle. But consider seeing an enthusiast; it may seem strange at first not to pay for a cuddle, but it can be a very rewarding experience.

(Any other infrequently asked questions?)


  • Oh wow this is funny.

  • Interestingly, I am currently out of state will see a professional cuddlist during my trip.

  • Suggested question for the list: Why doesn't professional cuddling cost more than it does? It looks under-priced to my eyes at just $80-$90 per hour."

  • Or, why won't anyone message or friend request me if I don't have a don't have a personal picture? Doesn't anyone think my tractor is sexy?

    is it all right if I spell all my words correctly, use the right context and never ask a stupid question? I notice everyone loves to correct fellow posters and make them feel inferior. Should I dumb it up for the threads?

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    @quietman775 I was thinking of one like that!

    Why are professionals' fees so low?

    Some of the experiences I've had cuddling professionals have been beyond price. I was wondering why the fees are so low, and whether they would be willing to raise them for people who could afford that?

    Pricing is up to the individual professional. A pro may be willing to accept a higher price if you ask them, but they have no obligation to do so.

  • Why dont we have more boner threads there really arent nearly enough men drawing attemtion to their penises on here

  • [Deleted User]ivlegend (deleted user)

    Love it :):)

  • @respectful - I want to apologize if i came off confrontational here. That wasn't the intention and this is a hilarious thread! Thanks for the humor.


  • @PaulaDahla "I want to apologize if i came off confrontational here"

    Not at all. :)

  • @respectful I'm not sure how I never saw this but šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘ I'm laughing too hard at this!

  • @respectful , this is PERFECT.

  • Why don't cuddlers charge more ?

  • Why do men get so many cuddle requests ?

  • Why do so few men get upset over rejection , they really should demand more attention and be less understanding of the dynamic here

  • Why don't I get replies to my introductory two word messages???

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    I'm having difficulty finding profiles with no photos. All I can find are profiles with beautiful photos that are very attractive and appealing. I prefer a little mystery and would like to see more profiles with no photos so I can use my imagination. Why do people feel obligated to post photos of themselves?

  • Why are there so many women on here and no men ? And out of that , why do so many men cuddle with men ?

  • @pmvines and @BlueIris and @UKGuy - bwahahahaha, oh you :p

    "Too many threads about what's comfortable to wear for cuddles. We need to see more suggestions on something uncomfortable and offputting. Would you suggest metal armor, or something itchy, like sandpaper, or perhaps rolling around in poison oak?"

  • Why are there so many respectful men? I'm really trying to find disrespectful clients. Bring me the boundary others and the men who forget what a shower is!

  • @Sashamcgee i was thinking the same thing. No women on here ever talk about that being a problem . Where have all the sllme balls gone ? Since the tightening of regulations on Craigslist and Backpage the number of quality cuddlers has increased dramatically

  • @pmvines giggles exactly!

  • All of this is great šŸ˜‚

  • Is there somewhere around here where I could submit a fairly innocuous idea, represented only as my opinion, not as a fact, and have at least one person tell me Iā€™m completely wrong?

  • Pfft that's a terrible idea @JLM šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‚

  • Where is the nearest dialysis clinic ?

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