Announcement of rule change

edited February 26 in Professional Cuddling

As you already know, we currently do not allow non-platonic services on our website. However, in addition to that and starting from today, it will also breach our terms & conditions to provide non-platonic services outside of our website.

As an open community that is naturally welcoming and non-judgmental, this was a difficult decision and was made only after careful consideration.

The potential consequences of changes in U.S. law (e.g. FOSTA-SESTA) have also added a sense of urgency and weight to this decision, that goes beyond community sentiment. For example, the closure of non-platonic websites in response to this legislation has increased interest in our community from those looking for alternative platforms.

Professional cuddlers joining our website with legitimate platonic intentions, that happen to have non-platonic profiles elsewhere, will act as confirmation to those who doubt the sincerity of our purpose. Misconceptions may therefore circulate within non-platonic communities and lead to an increase in troublesome clients and professionals on our platform.

It is now more important than ever that we protect the image of our community and make our intentions as a website loud and clear.

Thank you for your understanding.

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