[Deleted User]Foxxy (deleted user)

Hello there!

Just want to know who's from Canada!



  • Yay, another Canadian has appeared!
    Alberta checking in!
    ? :3 ??

  • [Deleted User]Foxxy (deleted user)

    Woohooo nice!! I just joined and would like to be a Pro but was wondering if the was anyone near me on here (Quebec city area)

  • I see, well just doing a search in an 80 mile radius around your area, it looks like there are 3 other people who have been on in the last couple months or so. Seems pretty quiet, but it will build up as word about the site goes around. I've had to put ads up here in Calgary just to get more active people to join. This is an online community a lot of people don't know about!

  • [Deleted User]Foxxy (deleted user)

    Great idea, thanks girl! ?

  • Greetings from Regina, SK I’m looking for Cuddlers in my area of the country but, would be in Toronto, Québec City, & Calgary on the upcoming weeks ahead.

  • Looking forward to meeting with you @Catloaf soon & hopefully looking for nice Cuddlers in other parts of the country. ?

  • Likewise @YQRRIDER, and hopefully more of us spring up in the future! I feel rather sad being one of the lone Canadians to chat here. So few of us. :s

  • @Foxxy - I like that your profile is in French.

  • @Catloaf there maybe a few of us hon but, we are a great but rare breed. Lol

  • [Deleted User]Foxxy (deleted user)

    @UKGuy yes I wrote it in french because it's my main language :) I can read/write in english but I can't be fluent while speaking it so it would be a bit awkward meeting up with someone I couldn't chat with IRL...

  • I wouldn’t mind chatting with you @Foxxy I’ll be in your neck of the woods next week.

  • You can search by it!

  • Hello from calgary. I hope your time on this site is enjoyable :)

  • [Deleted User]Foxxy (deleted user)

    @JasonCuddles Thanks!!

  • I'm about 6 hour drive from Vancouver B.C.

    I have been debating about doing a visit to my neighbors north ???

  • [Deleted User]Foxxy (deleted user)

    @MissAdventurous wow I like your profile! As I'm looking to be a pro... I would like to chat with you for some tips!

  • Anyone from new brunswick?

  • [Deleted User]Foxxy (deleted user)

    Hi @James8500 ! I'll be in the NB area for the next 3 days!

  • Hi. I’m from the east end of Toronto. Durham region.

  • I'm in Canada! (Vancouver), been quiet on my side of things though.

  • [Deleted User]Foxxy (deleted user)

    @Dante_S nice! I'm looking to travel this area soon :3

  • I liked John Candy. Can I be an adopted Canadian? Eh?

  • [Deleted User]Foxxy (deleted user)

    @FunCartel hahaha we could look at it sure lol

  • I’m an hour from Toronto. York Region ☺️ Go Canada! Lol but half my family is American so I also live in Florida. I’m a mixed breed lol

  • Toronto. ?

    @Sheena123 nice glasses.

    @Foxxy lovely cat. Pretty sure it’s a sphynx cat. Was s/he rare to find?

  • [Deleted User]Timdabrewer (deleted user)

    Hello from Montreal

  • Not from Canada... But Minnesota is pretty close, eh?

    Hello to all of my upstairs neighbors in the apartment building of life!

  • Hey all from toronto but moving to Edmonton or Calgary soooooon ?

  • From edmonton

  • [Deleted User]LittleElephante (deleted user)

    Heya! New Cuddler in Vancouver! Anyone close to me?? ☺️

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