Any luck for any males at all???

I am still hoping to get some momentum but nothing has happened. Are there any guys getting any luck?


  • I think your profile is great, and you look super snuggly! Are you doing anything to advertise? Perhaps if you could add hosting, that would widen your reach. But in general, it just seems male Pro's don't have as many clients as females, from what I hear. Best of luck!

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

  • 3 guys here have been legit lucky! (I wouldn’t call it luck, they obviously know what they’re doing) I don’t know if they want to be tagged.

  • If you look at the world of platonic affection as a marketplace, there is an undersupply of female affection relative to the demand for it. That's why women can charge for cuddles. But that very fact -- the fact that there's less female affection around than men want there to be -- basically also implies that there's an oversupply of male affection relative to demand.

    Not saying it's impossible to ever get a client, but... you're trying to sell something that almost anyone can easily get for free. That's a challenging market.

  • Your profile says that you only cuddle women. I think male pros have to be willing to cuddle all genders if they want to be successful.

  • @2tallshaw Welcome to the site!! What a fantastic smile you have. 😊😊😊

    The cuddle world needs more wonderful male pros such as yourself. There will also be a ton of advice from the other Professionals on the "Professional Cuddling Forum" and maybe reach out to some successful male pro's in your area to see what they do?

    I just met up with a beautiful soul @cuddler5617 who started with a similar question as yours... He seems to be doing something right!!

    And as always.... May the Cuddle Gods Be EVER in YOUR Favor!!!

  • Moving this to Professional Cuddling

  • Yes, but very few.

    There is much advice here on the Professional board. Start with the stickies.

  • Gotcha. Thank you

  • Thank you all so much for this y’all. I really appreciate it

  • @2tallshaw we all want you to succeed.

  • no luck yet but im willing to be patient and learn and grow about this business I love cuddling and hopefully in time male cuddlers will be more accepted

  • [Deleted User]Btown (deleted user)

    I wish you much success. Use the Professional board as CuddleDuncan referenced and participate in these forums as much as you can to gain exposure.

  • Hey ya'll!! Just checking in to see how you all are doing. Just wanted to update and say that I have had two great sessions after this post was made. Hoping for way more in the future! Hope all is will with ya'll!!

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