What clients want pros to wear and why

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The topic of what we clients want professional cuddlers to wear has come up several times. Once you eliminate the unreasonable requests especially now that @Mark has stated in the agreement that undergarments are not sufficient clothing, the most common request is we want our pro cuddlers to wear shorts and a tank top.

Now let's move on to why. I said in another thread recently that skin on skin contact is an amazing way to exchange positive healing energy. For example, if I hire a massage therapist, I don't want the therapist to wear gloves. If a pro cuddler wears shorts and a tank top and we do the same, that provides plenty of skin on skin contact while still not crossing lines that cuddling in undergarments presents.

I feel that this request is completely reasonable. I have made this request of 13 out of the 14 pros that I've cuddled with and all 13 have honored my request. What happened to the 14th? I forgot to ask her lol

There seems to be a bit of a pattern lately where pros show up in jeans and wear jeans during the session. I know the topic of jeans has come up negativity on the boards recently and I'm not trying to take things in that direction at all. I just want to speak up for clients and hope that pros understand.


  • My two cents on this issue.  Since nearly all the snuggling I've done with pros has been in a bed, I would think the clothing should be what you would sleep in.  When a snuggler shows up in street clothes (jeans/etc) then that's not something you want in your bed is it?  its like wearing your shoes in the house when you have nice carpet. 

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    I totally agree that shorts and a tank are a reasonable request. I've seen numerous pros where I never asked them what to wear and all except for one has worn at least shorts or yoga pants and a tank top. I had one recently wear pants and a thick sweater. It was really awkward and didn't feel good at all. Like @morpheus mentioned some skin to skin makes the experience a hundred times better. I can't even imagine cuddling in jeans. I never wear jeans in the house period let alone while cuddling.
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    When I go to a session, I always wear Jeans to the session but change into shorts and a tank top once there. I find Jeans uncomfortable anyway but I feel like cuddling with Jeans would be painful. All those stiff wrinkles pressed against your skin! >< 
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    For pros to me jeans are unacceptable. I was actually called a perv for cancelling a session with someone who would only wear jeans.

    Like you said i'd want them to be clothed and id never request something inappropriate, shorts or yoga pants etc is fine. But if someone did a session in jeans id either cancel for bait and switch or just do the session but never consider them again for a repeat.

    If I hear a pro wears jeans during sessions I won't even consider them for a session.
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    Again, the lingerie thing has been asked of me.  I feel like a "broken record!"  From day one, I've worn a tank top, and bike shorts.  Plenty of skin is exposed, and I'm super comfy!  Extra clothing would just get in the way.
  • such hatred for jeans lmao I dont get it. whats the difference between jammies and yoga pants, or jeans. i dont see the big deal in what the client wears as long as they are happy and positive during our session and arent being weird.

     I dont get offended but I get slightly annoyed when clients ask me what I'm going to wear because it makes me feel like my company, my touch, my personality, my love, my effort of setting the environment, and and every other little detail  isn't enough for you. I understand wanting skin contact but a T shirt still exposes arms, face, neck, hands, and to me I think its enough. of course all of this is subjective :)

     But I just wear whatever I want that day, weather it be a skirt, a pair of shorts, leggings, yoga pants, knee high socks, sweaters, or whatever else i pull out of my closet and whatever makes me feel comfortable and warm. I don't always want to wear tank top and shorts for each client, id never get out of a tank top and shorts, and I'm freezing all the time. Also depends on if its an outcall, i would forsure want to dress warmer... So I think its a little unfair to try to put a dress code on us

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    The purpose for this post was not to create a debate. It's simply to state what we as clients want. Everyone has a choice, pros can choose to honor clothing requests or not and clients can choose to hire them or not.
  • I had my worst cuddling experience with a lady who wore jeans early on in my cuddling days ..  so ever since then I ALWAYS ask what the cuddler will wear - yoga pants, gym shorts, pj bottoms, all are acceptable so whatever the cuddler is comfortable with - yes, I've turned down cuddles either because the cuddler and I were not on the same page, so why set myself up to be disappointed.  All of my cuddlies have been with pros, and since I am paying I think I should know ahead of time what the cuddler will wear - and i also get her agreement to what i can wear too.  Yes I've had nude cuddles, topless, lingerie and panties.  It's all good.
  • I understand why some people don't like jeans - I personally find it a bit like cuddling against cardboard. But all that nude and lingerie stuff should be reported ideally.
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    Exactly. I wouldn't ask for inappropriate stuff and I'd be fine with Jeans if it was a friend or non pro who is doing it for free.
    But im not paying 80 an hour to cuddle cardboard.
  • So jeans shorts might be a good compromise no ?
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    I just finished up a session with a pro from that other cuddle site. She honored my clothing request, didn't ask me to sign a waiver or provide a copy of my ID, no security cameras were involved and it was amazing.
  • I personally prefer to wear a sports bra, tank top  and either leggings, pajama bottoms, yoga pants, athletic shorts or a tennis skirt.  The skin on skin contact is one of the reasons why cuddling can be so amazing.  
  • @snuggle554321 - Come to NYC, please ....
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    I'm with @snuggle554321. I wear Short PJs and matching top or soft bike shorts and a tank top. I did have one client ask about wearing underwear while we were cuddling. He said he read on here that some pros did that and asked why I didn't. 
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    @Victoria92 yeah underwear is too far. I'd never ask for that and I feel most clients wouldn't either.

    Your dress code is spot on though 10/10 would cuddle.
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    @Alternis 10/10 Would cuddle you too! ^^ Side note: My friend says 10/10 for everything and it's funny.
  • @CarlosHunt LOL HUGE HUG!!!!  If only I lived closer! LOL  If I'm ever in your area I promise I'll let you know! HUGE LONG HUG!!!!
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    I'm bringing this post back again also. I stated initially that clients don't want pros to wear jeans. There are some pros still doing it and have stated that a specific pro in the Los Angeles area is telling them to do so and to not honor clients clothing requests. I've messaged @Mark regarding this and the mood with the LA based clients is not good and several are saying that they will no longer use this site. Once again, we do not want pros wearing jeans. Shorts, yoga pants or leggings are all great but we don't want jeans.
  • Yea jeans basically says I don't trust you.
    Who sleeps in jeans ? Obviously wearing jeans is some kind of armor and not a normal cuddling attire.
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    DOWN WITH JEANS! I personally find jeans uncomfortable so who would want to cuddle that. If you don't want to show skin or whatever reason, wear sweatpants.Those are at least comfy.
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    Luckily I've never had a Pro wear jeans for me. Hope to keep it that way!
  • I visited a pro who wore shorts...it was kind of amazing....it feels really neat when you're in one of those various cuddle positions and your legs are intertwined...way better than rubbing against jeans. :) 

  • Agreed greenearth, I have had two cuddle sessions, both wore shorts, great experiences. Having some skin to skin contact can enhance the closeness.
  • I personally don't even own jeans, and would understand that being uncomfortable. My normal street clothes are skirts and dresses, but I wouldn't feel comfortable cuddling clients in them either. So, for me I would always wear and recommend loungewear, tank tops, tshirts, shorts, leggings, yoga pants, etc. 
  • so much for "its a choice" How is it a "choice" if your shaming anyone thats not agreeing with you guys on this ...and literally holding a grudge about it for MONTHS! We get it you like shorts.. We get it you like skin contact... .this is so funny to me at this point. Just dont go to that pro you guys! seriously.. Just solve your own problem its been so redundant and honestly kind of annoying. :I

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    I don't care about much skin to skin contact. I think as long as we are both comfortable it is all good.
  • Hahah. Navy you're a strange one.
    But then you said you're not even going with pros so this post is about pros and clients.
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    Strange I can embrace that. Lol
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    I don't think navyvet76 is strange at all!  Not every place has a bunch of pros to choose from.  Not to mention just because someone is a pro doesn't mean that they are comfortable with cuddling.  I've talk to navyvet76 before and he is an absolute sweetheart! I wish I was there so I could cuddle with him!  @navyvet76  If you ever happen to be in the San Diego area look me up! I would love to cuddle with you! HUGE HUG!!!! I also recently cuddled with someone where HE was the one who wore jeans!  Each person has different things that they are comfortable cuddling in.  It's all about the comfort level of the cuddlers!  
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