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Link a video of a new discovery in the science world you never knew before.

Preferred vids are those that combine at least 3 different disciplines (Ex. Biology, Mechanical eng & computer sci), but if it’s new & frontline in a singular discipline, feel free to link it here anyway.

I’ll begin by unveiling micro-magnetic bots which have been engineered to travel in the blood stream:



  • Growing vegetables on hydrogel film sheets:

  • Wow, that’s amazing. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. How does it grow without the soil. I mean, simply putting seeds in water doesn’t enable plants to grow does it? Does it mean any colloidally dense film-like porous surface can theoretically grow a plant? And what of the plants properties without the biodiversity of the soil. If hydrogels block bacteria and viruses, what about all the resistances the herbal plants naturally develop as a result of exposure to various bacteria and viruses. Are these hydrogel plants immunologically weaker as a result?

    What I also found interesting was this concept: Plants thirsty for moisture increase the sugar content of their fruits to attract more water through osmotic pressure which causes water to move to places with high concentrations of solutes like sugar.

    There’s something really interesting about that process that I think is relevant to lymph node drainage and sugar. Since lymph nodes inside the body look like little berries, branched off of stem-like vessels.

  • 2023/2024 - Age of the Flying Cars?

  • @PrettyLuv plants don't actually need soil. It's just that soil works pretty well for what they do need.

    Plants in general need four things: sunlight, carbon dioxide from the air, water through the roots, and minerals and nutrients carried in that water. Soil is good because it contains water and the various nutrients, and also provides a suitable structural base on which to build.

    The video has been taken down now but I have seen plants growing hydroponically, which is in water. They don't need much of a solid base because they are inside and there is no wind, and they don't need strong immune systems because they are being grown in a closed environment with no pathogens. Nutrients can be delivered precisely according to the plants' needs and there is much less waste. The whole process can be very much more efficient.

  • All interesting stuff. In regards to nutrients, I wonder how the electro charge of the vegetables grown in this environment compare with those grown out of the soil.

  • Water has memory.

  • The entire world will participate and / or be a part of blockchain technology, the same way the entire world participates and is part of the internet today.

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  • Also, not so new but I believe the ShamWow and SlapChop deserve a spot in this thread.

  • @teddybear888 i think desalination techniques will prove to be a very lucrative market in the future for other reasons as well, particularly in the separation of elements.

  • The Shape of Sound

    It’s amazing how cymatic sound frequencies produced in a collective of solid particles like sand, mimic the shapes of crystal formations frozen in water.

  • @PrettyLuv Cymatics are amazing! And amazing video, thanks for this share! Amazing to see what happens to the water pouring out and spiraling to the drum beat :o The flames are awesome as well. Reminds me of an amazing art installation that is brought to some festivals of an organ with flames that come up super high and is there for people to come and play. Will try to find a photo or video and send it here!

  • @heartvibrations Nice. Yea, just imagine what happens inside us in the presence of all these frequencies. We are majority fluid.

    Do link, I’d love to check it out

  • The 4th Phase of Water
    (will revolutionize every industry)

  • Sound Encryption

  • The waves in numbers

  • @teddybear888 interesting

    Until the bubbles stop appearing on the surface.

  • Does this video qualify? Not sure what it has to do with cuddling but it is new science, biology remains in question.

  • @Cater2you its welcome because those are just privately funded experiments that highlight where we really are in flight dynamics. Just wish there was footage detailing how it actually works. I think I figured it out though.

  • @Cater2you i watched all your vids. A long watch into them. I’d say the 2nd, 3rd, & 6th ones are the most telling, but again it’s nothing surprising to me because it’s not hard to understand this type of technology if you’ve studied fluid dynamics and incorporated the 4th phase of water into your understanding of how all matter works. The 7th video is an embellishment to throw the common watcher off. If you look at the other vids posted before yours you’ll get some clues as to how this technology works. Like the guy in the video, a lot of people can’t understand how such a technology could possibly be suppressed for so many years. But let’s be honest, zero energy models have been suppressed for over a century and are still being suppressed to this day, the electric vehicle was suppressed for over 40 yrs, alternative medicine has been suppressed for even longer. For economic benefit and regulatory fears because it would put a lot of responsibility on any single individual who accesses and harnesses it to their benefit. The possibilities are seriously limitless and capabilities are crazy when you think of the potential for good and bad. Even those crop circles everyone is mystified by makes perfect sense in light of understanding how matter is impacted by frequencies.

    The thing that really surprises me though is why anyone would think it’s not being conducted by private entities when you have these people showing up with obvious clearance to constantly suppress the experiments. I mean, that in a nutshell should give it away. Anywho, cool vids.

    On that same line of thinking, the vid I really love is about the betz sphere. And the mystery that I always was interested in are “sprites.” Those 2, really captivate me.

  • Can we take a moment to recognize the sheer tonnage of how monumental a leap forward this is???? That for decades NASA had to just dump their rockets in the ocean. But now, …. It’s amazing.

  • Then, we have this:

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