Tell me your Icebreakers!

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Do you like to break the ice when meeting a new person, or a reoccurring connection?

So far, I have

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, ... I DECLARE A THUMB WAR (easy beginner physical contact)
  • Played "i-spy" in their bedroom. (easy display of respect for their property/territory)
  • Brought light snacks to munch on while chatting for the first 10m (shared activity)


  • This sounds like fun! Let me list some ice-breakers that I have when doing a cuddle session:

    1) So how you found out about cuddle comfort?
    2) Share them their favorite snack/drink to them
    3) Ask them if they like coffee and/or teas
    4) Play a card game with bunch of silly random questions
    5) Play nature sounds and ask them if they like the sound of fire, water, wind, etc.
    6) Ask them what is their favorite essential oil and bring along an oil to see how they react

  • A cup of tea! Assuming they like tea. Gives time to ease into conversation and cuddling.

  • I'd be worried the coffee/tea would cause stomach problems :P

  • My favourite ice breaker is scheduling the first meetup to be a walk in a park (or somewhere in nature).

    • movement can ease anxiety, promote conversation (or silence)
    • can be close, but not being face-to-face gives you a chance to feel each other's energy
    • being in nature is beneficial in lots of ways... things to look at, talk about, focus your attention on
    • can increase closeness by offering to hold hands or link arms
    • can bring a blanket to lie down and test the cuddle energy
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    If you could spend 30 days in a room with one person- who would it be and why?

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    @Jkay I would definitely take the person i disliked the most, because 30 days locked in a room means I'm going to probably end up being very hungry at some point. Let's just hope that room has a mini fridge or something🤷🏽‍♂️

  • I do coffee shops, shooting ranges...lets see...there's a card game called we're not really strangers that is great for breaking the ice and getting to know people. Snacks is a great ice breaker as well 😃

  • @Jkay Abraham Lincoln. He'd be very quiet and not bother me at all.

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  • @munkg When you say there is a shooting range... Do you mean the locked room with the person you dislike the most?

    Did I just make the top of that list?

  • @Warmlyhearted i have done first time public sessions at a shooting range, odd for some but it was surprisingly successful 😌

    And it takes a lot more than that to get to the top of the list 🤣

  • @munkg haha your locked room scenario reminds me of the movie The Platform. It's a neat watch with the exact situation as 30 days stuck in a room. It's on Netflix!

  • How about just a an introduction and immediately a long warm hug, just a hug goes a long way in making someone feel comfortable

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    @OliveGreen i know this movie, all they had to do was take what they needed and the food would have lasted much longer 😵 goes to show how little most people can work together without gaining something from it.

    @Nobodieshero i agree, that works as well.

  • Back and forth questions game, ask anything about anything you want to know about me.

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    I really do not have an ice breaker actually I think I just asked them how their week was going or how their day was and I say a little bit about my day and then I asked them like well where do you want to cuddle would you prefer the couch or bed and then after that like I just get comfortable but then I asked them if there's any specific positions that they would like to try I'm really a go with the flow person so I don't really want to push anything some people are very talkative and they'll continue to conversation and I'll continue but some people are very quiet and introverted and don't like to talk too much

  • "How much does a polar bear weigh?"

    "Enough to break the ice"

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