Cuddling vs. Satisfying Kinks, where is this going?

Is it just me or did other in here also notice that there is a flood of new people in here who try to get their kinks satisfied instead of actually cuddling?
I receive a wide range of requests from cuddling with my bare feet in their face to lifting grown man up and letting them sit on my lap like a toddler, or them wanting to put their face on my butt as a pillow. And many many many more…(those were just the latest)
I mean I feel like this is not appropriate, I’m really open to a wide range of cuddling positions and don’t think that I’m uptight or anything but some of these requests are just wild.
If you have any of these requests as well please share your experiences and how you react to it because I’m getting to a point where I’m feeling disappointed and wanting to leave CC after 5 great years of cuddling.


  • It's clearly against the rules. Just report them and they'll be banned.
    I've heard of such requests for years. It's nothing new.

  • Yikes! I'm sorry.

  • @European_Amazon kinks cost extra. Tell them kinks are special considerations of a rare form. Thus, it’ll be $5,000 per kink performance & that does not include standard fees, travel fees, gratuity, and site cost offsets. I highly doubt they will persist. If they do, I don’t know, at that point, it’s for professional therapy referral.

  • Unfortunately it will never stop, thankfully the site doesn’t promote it nor tolerate it, the best course of action imho is to report / block / and warn the other pros in the pro only forum.

  • Yup, it happens all the time. I just block and report. It's not even worth entertaining at all.
    There are plenty of sites that cater to fetishes, these men are just too cheap to use them….

    And that’s not my problem 🙅🏽‍♀️

  • One thing I have noticed about the cuddling world is that the standard deviation of practically everything is very high. That is, if the average number of times a thing happens per month or per quarter is X, then in any particular time period the actual number can differ from X by an unbelievable amount for no reason at all.

    In other words, @European_Amazon, what you are facing might just be a statistical anomaly, in which case it will pass. In any event, please don't leave us. The good clients need you. I hope we can help you find a way to get through this.

  • There are other fetish and kink sites with sub forums for cuddling, and even members on here have stated that they tend to strattle the fence between here and those other sites . However, that's not what this site is for nor what the pros on here should be catering to . If it happens, please report so admin can deal with it accordingly.

  • This kind of thing used to bother me but now I just roll my eyes and hit Report. That's easy when it's in an early message. More difficult when it's something in person. I wasn't sure from your post, which it is you're experiencing. Either way, make the platonic nature of your services known, and stay firm in your boundaries.

    ~ Sunset Snuggles

  • @European_Amazon im experiencing the same thing.

    @Melancholy .. when you banned or report them they will just create a new account :(

    I have just experienced a catfish where he sent me a different picture, he told me that he was banned 5 times already and just had to create a new one.

  • @Ligaya please keep reporting them. The site is sophisticated at detecting and banning people who try to return, but it depends on us Reporting them. Most ban returners get picked up and rebanned automatically, but some survive for a few hours or until they do something.

    It's not true that just creating a new account always works. It's clearly possible for some people to slip through the net, and the more the admins know when it happens, the better they can make the systems work.

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    @European_Amazon You have an impressive profile. It is quite lengthy though and maybe they just get enticed by the photos and don't read your profile in detail. You are gorgeous and your photos look very professional and definitely show off your wonderful curves. Maybe if you put more casual photos of ypu giving a massage or some of the other therapeutic services you offer might help.

    The internet is full of kinky men but also full of women searching for men to sell photos ect.. It makes it easy to blur the line of what is real and what is fantasy.

    Try putting in bold letters that you are not interested in satisfying kinks and do not want any sexual advances.

    Myself, I'll take a nice foot massage for free any day. Maybe its someone's love language and a way of humbling themselves. Some people just like feeling they are being enjoyed and wanted. Massaging someone's feet and back are safe ways to express that and know you are giving enjoyment. Feeling like your touch is wanted and enjoyed is just as much a physical need as physical touch it's sel.

  • I don’t know much about fetishes or kinks, or really don’t understand some of them. It seems it leads people to desperation to scratch that itch. I know there are places you can find these things but because of the range of degree it’s probably intimidating for most. But who am i, I’m just black like vanilla.

  • Tell them they're on the wrong site and report them. I'm not one to kink-shame, but as others have said, there are plenty of other sites that they can go to. This is not one of them.

  • OP tries, and fails, to somehow equate cuddling and kinks, thereby drawing attention to her own profile and many meritorious flags. I admire the chutzpah and daring, but at the end of the day it's a self-own. Welcome to Banned Camp.

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