I'm new... phone session?

Brand new at this and expected local clients. Got message from someone 2 hrs away that is looking for deep conversation and wants to know if I would consider a phone session. Is this allowed? How do you facilitate without giving out personal numbers? Get full pay? Schedule all thru booking panel like it's in person? I don't wanna do something wrong or just be getting fished.


  • Once you make a booking, you’re free to swap contact info. So find a day and time, put in the amount you will charge (for video or phone chats, most pros do about half their price or so) and have him accept the booking while making sure he understands this phone call is to be platonic.
    Once he accepts the booking, you’re good to go. Remember to have him send to money before you start. This is standard practise.

  • You should also use an alternative number. You can create one with Google or there are apps you can download that will give you a second number to use

  • @Sheena123 I would love to find someone to have a Platonic phone call with! I would especially enjoy discussing the Parable of the Cave :)

  • @beaubliss woah that would be a deep conversation lol 😆

  • It would be certainly the most truly Platonic call possible!

  • Challenge accepted, mate. I'm gonna talk about that in a session.

  • Ok. I am curious. I do phone and video elsewhere and we charge by the minute ($1.99/min phone $2.99/min video. How do we charge for them here? I also charge a flat fee. Depends on what site I am on

  • @MatureCuddlez pros can charge how they wish - though most I have seen will charge in half hour or hour increments still. They are booked and paid for the same way as in-person sessions, you just specify via communicating with the client how you are meeting and any other details.

    It can help to check out the sticky threads in the Pros Only section of the forums, as well as read some other pros' profiles to get ideas (just make sure not to actually copy anyone).

  • How can phone calls be considered cuddle sessions??
    I don't see how this site has anything to do with phone sessions....

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