Hosting house in Indianapolis

I was wondering if a house dedicated just for cuddling services would be a good idea in Indianapolis.
I'm thinking about setting up my 3 bedroom home to rent out rooms for professional cuddling.
This would be much cheaper than a hotel room or an Airbnb and cater to the hours needed.
There would also have a massage table available in the living room, which would be curtained off to utilize for an additional fee.
There's also a family room that is private for all day or overnight services.
I'm also looking into having cuddle parties like other cities.
Let me know your thoughts.
This could begin as early as June.


  • I might be interested in this. I generally find that clients will secure a place for cuddling if necessary, but it would be nice to be able to offer the option.

    Hotel prices are outrageous, and I’m not willing to pay for one unless it’s a longer session, even if I outsource the price to the client. The hassle and logistics is just too much for under $200 after the site takes their cut.

  • I really like the idea. However, whether I ever used it would really depend upon where it is located. Unfortunately Indianapolis is now ranked in the bottom 4% of the safest cities in the US. I still live my life and do things around the city but I am alway very aware of my surroundings.

  • Thank you for your inquiry.
    I have figured the reason most do not host because there is no hosting site, not allowing pros to offer more cuddling services.
    The prices will be very reasonable and accessible anytime, something you don't have with hotels or Airbnb.
    You can tell cuddler there's a hosting fee and collect the cost of my hosting fee or the cuddler can pay directly.

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    My house is located in the Southside Subarbs in a quaint neighborhood . You see people walking their dogs, and riding bikes, very safe.

  • I wish we had someone in the Atlanta area to do the same thing. It would be very convenient. I could possible do this with my own home in the future, but I’m not at a convenient spot. I think it’s a great idea. 🙂

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    Im not a business person, but just wanted to put it out there that you might want to consider potential liabilities if this were to be considered under the color of zoning and tax laws a quote business . And if so , then there would be a whole other can of worms to think about.

  • @comfortjewel - that sounds perfect. The South side is convenient for me so I would definitely be interested. I also agree with @pmvines that you need to talk to someone about liability insurance.

    I don’t know if zoning would be an issue, I think AirBnB has already fought and won those battles to pave the way for businesses like you are describing but I am not a lawyer so I can’t say for sure.

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    @pmvines Thank you for that information. My thoughts were like an Airbnb structure, and I know there are Airbnb in my neighborhood so I will look into that. I did want to avoid having my home on a public forum such as Airbnb to keep costs down for all parties, but I would set up the home for insurance purposes as an income property.
    Thanks so much for your thoughts on that. I do everything by the book in my career, so I would do the same here and keep everyone safe and happy.

  • I love this idea.

  • Love this idea! And love more local cuddle parties for sure too! :)

  • Oh, I so hope you can make this work, @comfortjewel. We need this.

  • What a brilliant idea- a house, home, a safe place for consensual platonic cuddling.

  • I’ve had similar thoughts of eventually doing the same in Los Angeles County in the Valley

  • That’s awesome! I’d be interested for sure. And @Hollydollhugs agreed- an Atlanta location would be neat too

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