Benefits of cuddling

By understanding and practicing pure cuddling, you can:

Make your job less mentally stressful.
Increase your mood, safety, and productivity.
create a more comfortable environment.
prevent psychological distortions and mental illnesses.

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  • Effectively managing the physical touch during cuddling can reduce the risk of inappropriate physical harassment.

    When cuddling, the environment and the peer should be safe and not designed for any hazards (excessive use of illicit drugs, drunkenness, etc.). These hazards can have a negative effect on your mental health and your body. Also, your professional reputation.

    Loss of a loved one or tragic Injuries can be relieved by cuddling, and an emotional damage related to poor experiments are significant mental health concern.

    Additionally, cuddling can be useful everywhere for everyone —at home, at work, and in your car—helping you stay tuned, healthy mentally like you were eating broccoli, and safe with your behavioral patterns.

    Welcome to cuddling

  • Cuddling does not prevent mental illnesses or psychological distortions I really wish people would stop trying to sell it as such

  • I totally respect your opinion, and I'm so happy to thank you for your comment. Meanwhile, it is proven that a good cuddle can reduce your stress level by up to 100%. Not only does it increase oxytocin production, but it also reduces the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone. Sir, pmvines!    And cognitively, what is the result of too much stress? Also, these are experimental, medical, psychological, and scientific facts. 
    Thank you for your comment with kindred appreciation.

  • @Kuddy1835 I'm afraid you have misunderstood @pmvines' comment and concern. Cuddling does indeed do all the things you mention, but none of them are mental health conditions. They are just normal life.

    Cuddling does not prevent or cure any mental health condition. To suggest the contrary is dangerous.

    However, people with mental health conditions (like me) suffer the slings and arrows of normal life the same as everybody else, frequently more so. Cuddling benefits nearly everybody, but it tends to be benefit people with mental health conditions more than average.

    Benefiting people with mental health conditions is NOT the same thing as curing the condition itself.

  • @CuddleDucan,   Happy Tuesday, and thank you for taking the time to share your perspective, opinion, and personal experience on that matter. Yet, can you please elaborate for me? What is the result of dealing with too much stress in your mind? And why become easily agitated, frustrated, and moody?
    Do you know or have you ever experienced these after cuddling? feelings of happiness, relaxation, improved mood, and lower levels of depression?

    I am not here to compete with anybody, and it is imperative for everyone to do a little bit of experience on that matter, to research, and to discover their own personal truth. And I also appreciated and respected everybody's opinion!!!

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