Best Cuddle Experience Ever?

What was your best cuddle ever and what was so darned great about it? 😊


  • It's hard to specify the details of why a session was so fantastic, as, for me, it doesn't depend upon particular positions, or skills. It was really about the connection, and that's hard to gauge in advance. The couple of sessions that come to mind include a nearly instant recognition of connection, such a sweetness that defies explanation. And we continue to celebrate in subsequent sessions. It feels like a deep, affectionate friendship, but I also like to keep it transactional. I love being both a friend and client.....and with these two angelic beings, it's been accomplished.

    If I were to share any details, they would include breathing together, conversing with deep appreciation for both words and ideas, and touch that felt like a dance of joy :)

  • That sounds like such a wonderful time! There is something magical that happens when two people can be so close together that they can breathe in sequence. It’s quite a fantastic feeling when one can share an embrace, the energy can feel electric.

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