How do I become a professional cuddler here?

I would love to cuddle with women who just need to be held.


  • Read the sticky topics at the top of this board.

  • Male professional cuddlers are likely not going to attract women for clients... sorry, just keeping it real. You can hire a pro if you want to cuddle with a woman.

  • Ahhh, thanks Mike

    I can’t set up my profile for women only?

  • The issue is that you'll likely get no clients if you restrict yourself to women only. Women don't need to pay guys to cuddle with them.

  • @lotibruin professional cuddlers are not allowed to discriminate based off of sex or gender, so no. We can have preferences, but if you go read the myriad of posts about make cuddlers you will find that in all likelihood the chances of you being able to do more than break even cuddling only women are slim to none.

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