I don’t want to be a professional but site won’t respond to activate my account?

I only wanted to offer to cuddle women and site says I have to be open to all genders


  • I'm a bit confused... You do or don't want to be a professional?

    Professional cuddlers technically cannot discriminate based off of gender - we're supposed to cuddle everyone. If you're a not planning to be a professional cuddler, then you can cuddle whomever you want.

  • Right, site paused my account when they sent link for me to be a professional cuddler. I responded this morning and said I’m not interested and would like my account unpaused. I’ve heard nothing.

    Any chance you’d be willing to private message me to see if I can receive messages? I would also love to know if my pic shows up?

    Thank you so much, cuddlefaery💕

  • I keep uploading my pic but it never shows in my profile

  • It's in your profile now.

  • Thanks WriterGF

  • edited July 2023

    The site is run by a very small team and sometimes when they are busy it takes a couple of days for them to respond.

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