Adding gentle touch to snuggling.

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Samantha Hess new book "Touch" is a remarkable book. On her site (also Amazon)- but suspect she gets more & deserves it if you order on her site. $10 ebook, $20 paperback.  Much relevant text & great snuggle position pics, descriptions & instructions.  Read especially Chapter 4 on touch, which I call "gentle touch" in place of the more romantic seeming term "caress". Added to snuggling, adds an unbelievable addition to snuggling alone. Mutual touch & snuggling is an incredibly relaxing experience. Head rubs are nice. My spouse likes a hard scratch, my snuggle friend likes a light touch. (yes, spouse knows snuggle friend & approves, perhaps a topic for another discussion).  Lower arm, palm of hands, upper back & neck I've found to be most relaxing.  The face is also, but you must have total trust & and understanding with your partner or this could feel romantic, not the goal here.   To keep it light is important, using finger tips only & keeping rest of hand & arm off. Keep fingers moving in varying pattern. Not everyone can do it for long, but if you have a cuddle partner who can do it as well as you, the mutual benefit is amazing.  Early sleep mode can result, (like biofeedback). If this happens, you'll notice your touch back ceases, some little muscle twitching starts.  It's tough as a partner cause you have to decide to let them stay there & you loose your touch back, or gently bring back to full consciousness. But it's also a great feeling being able to get someone this relaxed. Like biofeedback, I suspect it should to be kept to max of 20 minutes or one enters a deeper sleep mode & may feel groggy on waking instead of supper relaxed.  To deal with stress, I practice biofeedback 3 times a day after meals and learned from a certified biofeedback practitioner.   Certain positions can allow mutual touch, you may have to experiment to find what works for you.  It's well worth it, it takes snuggling to a whole higher level.  


  • Samantha Hess appears to be sincere in her efforts of spreading the power and science of cuddling. So much so to put forth efforts into a Cuddle Con. But only a little over $2K raised? Rough! Wish I knew about it in the past. :o But yes, I'm otherwise glowing about this. ;)
  • wow, thank you so much @cuddleaddict for this post. I feel that you have just opened the next phase of cuddling for me by introducing me to this book.

    For those who don't know I do plan on going pro, taking courses through other sites to learn professionalism.

    Without having read it I am only assuming but this may also help with the sexual side of public perception of cuddling.

    Looking forward to reading this book!

    For the record + @JoeSomebody2 I think I want to be your friend!! You look like a guy I could chill with. :D

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