Advice for future Pro

If this is in the wrong section I'm sorry.

My friend is curious about becoming a Pro.
I tried my best to explain what this site is about and what being a Pro is
But I feel I may of done an insufficient job.

Any advice
Better explanation of the site I could share with her?


  • Tell her to learn about methods for vetting prospective clients before jumping in. And be aware that her radar should be up even after vetting until someone proves they are trustworthy.

    Of course you can tell her none of this applies to me.

  • Happy to provide some tips I adhere to as a pro. Keep in mind, this is just how I do things and shouldn’t be considered the “right” way.

    1. I never push a session. People reach out to me all the time with promises of booking a session, but never actually do so. Don’t chase as you’ll just end up with a no show. Cuddlers who are serious about pros with jump through all the necessary hoops to make their session.

    2. Only offer and agree to what you’re comfortable with. For example, I do not like being laid on top of and I do not like to lay on top of my cuddlers. I don’t see this as platonic, but a majority of cuddlers do find this platonic. This is a personal preference.

    3. Collect payments at the beginning of a session and notify your client in advance on what methods of payment you accept.

    4. Be extremely mindful of the rules and know that mods have the ability to check your convos with potential clients at any given time.

    5. Set a tone of professionalism and ensure your profile is filled out. Your profile and the contents in it are the first impression potential clients get from you. Choose photos carefully as potential clients will draw conclusions about you based on them, and showcase both your best self and your boundaries in your content.

    6. Understand the reasons why someone would come to you for a session and show empathy. Many of my clients have social anxiety, so I take great care to make them feel comfortable and welcomed as soon as they walk through the door. Cuddling a stranger is awkward in and of itself, anything you can do to alleviate the awkwardness will be greatly appreciated by your client.

    7. This is more so for hosting, but think about what type of environment relaxes you and showcase that in your cuddle space. I always put on meditation music and colored lights for clients as it sets a relaxing tone and ambiance. Be weary of scents as some people are allergic. Always best to ask what your potential client is okay with.

    That’s all I got so far. There are plenty of other tips people could expand with, but the above are what came to me at the moment.

    Wishing your friend all the luck and safety.

  • @Artemis795 All very good tips!

  • Once approved read the PROS forum thoroughly before accepting a single client. Bad apples target the newbies, it's unavoidable, but knowing how to spot them can save you.

  • You might want to seek out a couple of pros who have been on here a while and seem legit to pick their brains and kinda model them . Good luck . There are certainly some creeps and wolves on here but there are also a pretty good lot of amazing humans so I hope that they are able to find you.

  • What @Rezz said. Vetting clients and being aware of the red flags is a skill and new pros with little to no experience is vulnerable to falling victim to the bad apples.

  • Don't go straight pro. At least see what it's like meeting people on here and having sessions as a (regular) joebefore she becomes an facilitator

  • What @Rezz said. It takes a while but spotting the bad ones becomes second nature. Usually, I can tell within their first sentence. It takes time looking at hundreds of messages to catch the pattern.

  • My 1st cuddle was with a Pro and she had me meet out in public at a local ice cream stand and it went great and have had a few others ask for a meeting out in public.
    I think it’s a very good idea.

  • Thank you all for your feedback
    I will let her know

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