• edited August 2023

    For me it depends on the session length and commute time. 1-2 hours? No, especially if you're driving two hours. Have you cuddled with him before?

    I'm hesitant to ever offer a new client free time again. You never know if you will want to high tail it after the agreed upon time. I avoid prematurely offering extra free time that I may not want to commit to.

    You're doing all the work to get to him. If he's your only client in the area then he can pay for the room in full if he is not compensating you for your gas/ drive time.

    I refrain from offering discounts to anyone, especially if I'm expected to drive while putting wear and tear on my car.

    That's just me though. I personally don't jump through hoops to get clients, this includes driving out of my way. I usually just refer them to another pro. 🤗

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