How does this work

So im new here and i have some inquiries . Do i book the time & date or do they book ?


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    Welcome to the site. Usually community members will reach out to you. that's when you can begin vetting them and seeing if they're safe or viable cuddle clients. you are permitted to reach out once if someone visits your site, but cold messaging is not permitted here. participating on the forums is encouraged to meet members and create visibility as well. That's for starters. Good luck! And use a Google number when you exchange info. just for your own privacy or safety.

    Also, the more folks you cuddle with, the more karma you will acquire which helps to attract more clients.

  • Read the sticky topics at the top of the Professional Cuddling board. Start with the first post in each case.

    As for your specific question, when a potential client makes an enquiry discuss with them the time and place. Once you have agreed all the details, one of you (it doesn't matter who but it's usually the professional) makes the formal Booking on the system for the other person to accept.

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