Getting cuddle offers

What can you do to get more cuddle requests


  • The simplest thing to do would be not charge anything.

  • @lonelytauros is correct. But if you want to stick with the whole being paid thing, read the sticky topics at the top of the Professional Cuddling board. Start with the first post in each case. This one is particularly relevant:

  • Haha thank you guys

  • How about book an hour and get the second one half price

  • Sure, you can offer discounts to try to entice business. The problem is that many see cuddling as a value neutral activity. Both people get something from it, so charging for it changes the nature of the interaction. This limits your potential client pool.

  • Offers and discounts can certainly help. You must describe them clearly and fairly, and implement them as described - in most countries there are lots of laws about that sort of thing.

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    Well, you are brand new, so it may take a little time. I would check out some other pro profiles. I don’t cuddle women but some are so good, they make me want to. There is a post about how to make it as a male cuddler. I know you are female, but it has some great steps on there to get you started. It sounded like a really good plan. Best of luck, and happy cuddling!!

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