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For some reason I'm not getting as many bookings as I'd hoped; even with including travel. Does my profile look non-appealing or not friendly enough? 🤔😔


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    Great profile, until I got to the bottom where you're linking your OnlyFans.

  • That should've been a link to my link tree! I just edited it in

  • @Rezz 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • @lonelytauros she was a little too friendly. 🤣

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    I hope she gets unbanned if she hasn't actually broken the rules beyond posting her link in her profile (a first time offense shouldn't be a ban). I was messaging her and it sounded like her OF was of the PG variety (they do exist) 😕 I'd suggested to her she comment here as much before someone reported her, but looks like that didn't happen.

  • @cuddlefaery - They are given the reason why they are banned and can submit an appeal if they feel that it was a mistake. Having an OnlyFans page is a major red flag here since it's mostly known for hosting "adult" content.

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    Her OF profile states pretty clearly that she offers "spicy 🌶️" content. Sad to report that she's not infact sharing cooking recipes. I reported her because its obvious her intent here is to drive traffic off-site , while advertising 🌶️ content to her "loyal fans" here.

  • @Rezz smh why she felt the need to lie to me is beyond me then... I'm not a mod. Was trying to be helpful and keep her from getting banned unnecessarily on the off chance her OF was of the PG variety. Oh wells.

    It's definitely one thing just to have the account, but another to be directing clients to it or using CC to drum up SW income against TOS 🤦🏻‍♀️ I may not agree with all the policies, but I don't support flaunting them if you've agreed to them by signing the contract.

  • Yeah I had a feeling she was being a bit deceitful, I actually checked before I reported her.

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