Who can travel to Europe for cuddles

Hello everyone,

Here's my situation: I'm looking for a professional cuddler, but there's nothing available in my region. There are a few people in France, but they're so scarce that nobody responds, and those who do are not available for multiple days.

I'm looking for someone who would be willing to travel to France to cuddle for several consecutive days. Ideally, it would be a weekend—you'd come on Friday and leave on Sunday or Monday.

This is a somewhat special request, but as I've said before, I don't really have a choice. My options are limited in my area.

Ideally, the person would be within the European Union, but I'm open to proposals from elsewhere.

I'm willing to cover travel expenses. That's why I'd prefer someone with a good karma to minimize the risk of scams (unfortunately, it has happened to me once). But, as I said, I'm open to all offers.

I enjoy simple, quiet cuddles with some background music, frequent position changes, and close physical contact—touching hair, arms, legs, and bare feet.

I'm looking for multiple consecutive days for two reasons: firstly, because of the distance—if I'm paying for travel, I'm not going to have you come for just a day or a few hours. Secondly, I enjoy prolonged moments and the release of oxytocin from long-duration cuddling.

Once again, this is an unusual request, but given my limited local options, it's my only solution for cuddling.

If all goes well, I'm even willing to bring you back on a regular basis.

If you've read this far, thank you, and I look forward to your responses. Happy cuddling to all!

P.S. I'm new here, so if I've posted this in the wrong place, please kindly let me know.

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