Tips for when the website is slow and you’re not getting inquiries ?

I’ve reached somewhat of a dry spell this recent week. I’ve tried changing my photos and reaching out to some old clients but it seems all quiet on the western front. I’m usually so so busy. I have only gotten 3 inquiries this week though and only one led to a session. Is there any way to get numbers back up?


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    @kaiahcuddle it seems you joined in June, so it's likely that you are experiencing the significant drop-off in enquiries that commonly happens to new professionals when they are no longer quite so new. Start by re-reading the stickies at the top of this board, especially '12 top tips'.

    Your profile does not list any times or prices other than one hour. I suggest adding some times, especially an hour and a half which is something of sweet spot for everything, not just cuddling. Offer a noticeable discount per hour to your one hour rate.

    Contacting previous clients is great. You are also allowed to contact prospective clients who have shown an intererest in you. This is interpreted as meaning you are allowed to message people who have visited your profile. (Professionals are not allowed to contact people at random.) Anecdotal evidence suggests that this rarely results in a booking, but sending short, friendly, personal, individual, non-sales messages does at least give you the feeling of doing something; and you never know, it might work.

    You're in southern California, which is the hottest cuddle hotspot on the planet. This means lots of potential clients, but it also means lots of competition. In fact it is perhaps the only place where there is genuine competition for clients. Your profile, therefore, needs to stand out. You are at least young and pretty, and that's the second best start you can have. The very best start is to be able to host, and if you're serious about this in the medium term then you should think seriously about how you might be able to arrange some form of hosting.

    Doing a cuddle training course will not make much difference to your initial enquiries, but in the long run it will help you to retain more clients and turn them into regulars. (It will also make you a better cuddler in general, give you more job satisfaction, make the experience safer both for you and the client, etc, etc.)

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    @kaiahcuddle I agree with everything that @CuddleDuncan wrote.

    I have actually cuddled with a professional that messaged me first! As long as they visited your profile, it's okay to send them a quick hello. I am not really a fan of the more aggressive messages that just basically ask "when do you want to cuddle." Though I understand that messaging every single person that visits your profile takes time out of your day, and it might feel emotionally disappointing if only 1 out of every 10 or so people respond.

    Good luck!

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