I have a question please, if cuddling someone in a different country, Canada for example, it says $100, should I pay them $100 USD or CAD?
Thank you


  • I usually wouldn’t say either or unless they brought it up. If we use Venmo or zelle, I stick to USD. If we use PayPal, I usually say $100 USD to keep it simple for me. I don’t mind picking whichever way is better for them 🤗

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    Rates are denominated in the currency of the professional's location. (For example, if you look at cuddlers in the UK, the rate is in £. In the Netherlands, €.) So if you are booking a professional in Canada, the "$100" means CAD100. For international cuddling you should normally discuss payment currency in advance, to avoid misunderstandings. However, in that particular example, if you wanted to pay USD100 I'm sure the professional would be more than happy to accept it. 😆

    If you are paying electronically, be prepared to live with the final amount being a few bucks out either way, once it's been through a system of liive exchange rates and cross-border payments.

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