Banned clients creating other accounts

Have any pros had a problem with reporting clients who have breached the rules and been banned. Then they just go and create another account. I have also seen a client have more than one active account. I have ignored them and they have reached out with another account. Does anyone feel unsafe. Should banned clients not be able to create other accounts they should be better filter options to protect everyone.


  • In the end of the day there is nothing you can do to prevent a banned person from creating a new account. However, this site is astonishingly good at spotting and re-banning such accounts very quickly. Simply creating a new email to create another account isn't going to work for more than a few hours, although that is enough time to do some more harm. So yes, this is a problem but it's a much smaller problem than it might be.

    If you suspect that an account belongs to a banned person, Report it at once so they can be re-banned.

    If you believe somebody has more than one account, Report it at once. This is explicitly prohibited. (Sequential accounts are fine, for example if you delete your account and leave, then subsequently return and create a new account.)

    We are a community and the only way that the mods, who are members of the community who have volunteered to help keep us safe, can do their work is when problematic accounts are Reported. They have said, time and time and time again: if in doubt, Report. The biggest single problem this site faces is members spotting problematic behaviour and not Reporting it.

    they should be better filter options to protect everyone

    This is not the site's job. We are all responsible for our own safety. This is a social networking site, not an agency. In the particular case of Cuddle Comfort, every extra step in the account creation process creates an extra obstacle for a vulnerable person trying to find some human touch.

  • I know of a banned pro gal who created a new account. She was promptly banned again.

  • I know of one banned Pro who has made it their mission to get back on the site by creating new profiles from other computers. Used daughter’s and then a friend’s. I don’t know if they have now stopped trying. I do know about this because the Pro literally bragged about it.
    I reported when I was told. It’s just pure arrogance. These people think rules don’t apply to them, it becomes a competition/game and they will keep trying to win. Just a weird sort of obsession, imo.

  • @carrieanne people like that always lose in the end. It's much more work to create a new account - particularly if you're being watched for - than it is to ban said account.

  • @CuddleDuncan yes that’s a good point.

  • There are banned pros that came back and got their whole profiles restored… not created new but old restored by CC. I don’t think they actually “ban” pros. Or at least those that make them money.

  • @cuddlemetuesday
    If a pro gets their account restored (which doesn't happen often), it's because they filed an appeal and a moderator decided to give them another chance. Though the likelihood of that happening depends on how serious the issue was.

  • I don’t think they actually “ban” pros. Or at least those that make them money.

    Yes, they do. I've seen it happen numerous times.

  • OP - just because you think something, doesn’t make it true. Hope you find what you’re looking for and try to stay positive.
    A lot of happiness can happen here, I promise. It helps to follow the rules.

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