Do you make decent money doing this

Is it Decent money doing this how to you deal with people that don’t smell good


  • I’m looking for someone in San Diego to cuddle regularly

  • Welcome. Have a read of the sticky topics at the top of the Professional Cuddling board, starting with the first post in each case.

  • I have friends who cuddle that consider it a side gig, making a few K a month......and I have a very active pro-friend who makes up to 150K a year. So it definitely varies, depending upon how serious one takes their business model, how often they bump their profile, how quickly they return message inquiries, and how available they are. I have actually helped some friends refine their profiles and create a business protocol that has significantly increased their revenue stream.

  • Welcome! There are very few women looking to pay male Pro cuddlers. Some gay men looking for it. By far, this is a women-dominated industry, but anyone is welcome to apply as a Pro:

    As for body odor, most Pro's have a note in their profile requesting their clients shower, wear deodorant, and brush their teeth before a session, but of course this can never be guaranteed.

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