Traveling Cuddling fees

Hi everyone! I was wondering if any pros change their hourly fees when traveling to other places? So in Orlando I charge $100hr but if I go to California, I have thought about up charging to $125 hour. It helps me cover expenses. But idk how everyone else feels about this? I need some input and advice please. 🙏 Thanks 😊


  • Yes! The site says you can charge reasonable travel fees separately from your rate. Traveling cuddlers (hosting in hotels) usually bake it into their rate in my experience.

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    Yes you can charge whatever you like, as long as you are crystal clear about it in your profile. The rate quoted on the site must be the actual rate you charge for a session, so that the site can collect the correct fee. Additional costs that you have actually incurred, such as travel or hotel, can be charged separately.

    Average cuddling rates vary by location (like most prices) , so there's no difficulty in charging a different rate when you are operating in a different place. The only question is, will you get the number of bookings that you want.

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