Bad experience in south Florida anyone?

My home base is in Austin and I started two weeks ago. I was slammed with request initially. I remember getting 8 requests 🙈 on a Monday. All I did was cuddling for 4 days before I took off to south Florida. What a difference! In Austin most of guys were somewhat decent and respectful. In Miami, though, there’s no notion of platonic. Everyone expects all kind of things and everyone is crazy flaky. I have not had anyone in Austin cancel or disappear after discussing a session. I lost count how many times this has happened in south Florida. This has been an unpleasant experience. I am not going to even bother checking my inbox until I go back home. Pro cuddlers in Florida, what has been your experience?


  • I’m more in central florida and it’s a bit of a mixed bag. I get a lot of amazing and respectful cuddlers but then I get a lot that are hoping for more. Half and half for me here in Hudson and Orlando area.

  • @Tatsy Welcome to the challenging and inspiring world of pro cuddling!
    First, I'm sure you're right; geographical choices are real, and certain places have developed more of a specific culture than others. Not certain there's a rhyme or reason as to why south FL, and not Austin.....but here are a few suggestions, or things to think about.

    1) Look at the flake ratio in terms of hosting vs. FL, they were hosting, while in Austin, you were hosting. See if there might be some connection....perhaps more flaking when you were the guest? And if so, perhaps your next travel to cuddle experience, it would behoove you to get a place to host, at least in a big city.

    2) Reflect upon the connection of karma to inappropriate advances. Were the ones who behaved poorly have karma? Or were you their first one on CC? If they had karma, you may want to message a number of the pros who left reviews to see if they too had to ward off advances or not, and let them know about your experience. Of course report them to the mods of CC too. If they didn't have karma, you may want to look at your vetting process and how to improve it. Some pros do video calls first to sense the energy of the potential client, others a voice call, and still others rely simply upon extensive messaging. You're new; the learning curve may be steep for some.....and it will take time to develop the important spidey sense necessary in this line of work.

    3) I really hate to mention the next thing.....but I will, because it is unfortunately real. Beautiful women with Russian accents are assumed often to be offering more by many men. I'm not saying that this should be the case, but this stereotype certainly exists, especially in NYC and Miami. Many of the sensual massage sites feature very attractive young women from Russia and the previous Soviet states. This may be a challenge you'll face, particularly if you don't learn how to vet potential clients carefully.

    Some get into pro cuddling imagining that it will be fun, provide a wonderful service, and make some easy money. Some have such experiences, but I doubt any do without dealing with male energy in one form or another. It doesn't matter what the rules say; it also is confusing as regards karma, as some guys groom to get good karma to behave badly in the future. So, there are challenges. I had one friend who told me 80% of the new guys she saw tried to get her to remove her clothes. Yes, 80%. Her page was full of disclaimers, and she vetted over the phone. She eventually just collected regulars whom she enjoyed and trusted, rarely if ever taking on new clients.

    But I have another friend who carefully curated her profile page (with my help :)) to draw a specific clientele that she wanted to work with; she's had an incredible record of successful sessions, with literally no flakes, and no demands. She still deals with male energy and desire, but she's learned how to divert and to bring awareness of the energy burden to them.....without shaming, and even inquiring if they were interested in learning how to manage it effectively so as to welcome future friends and lovers with respect and freedom.

    This is a complex community of work and play. One cannot snap one's fingers and attract only the most appreciative, loving, and generous clients to schedule with you. It sounds like there has been an unfortunate and grave imbalance in your recent trip to FL; I am so sorry, Tatsy, and many here would like to apologize on the behalf of all men. But if you're meant to do this work for any period of time, take heart, try again with what you've learned, and perhaps change some of your protocols to help you find the right guys with whom to cuddle. I have no doubt that you can become successful, but it may take more effort than you first imagined, and constant fiddling with, and reflecting about, the processes you implement that will allow you to both feel safe and welcome the regulars you seek to attract.

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    What I heard from a pro who travels all over the country is that clients in Miami were the worst because they were all using escort terminology like asking for incalls/outcalls etc. Apparently Miami has a high number of “crossover” clients who also enjoy sex work, and are well practiced in pushing boundaries. Those clients are welcome here (when they behave) by site policy I must add, because they are enthusiasts. Best to just avoid Miami.

  • @beaubliss It's nice that you don't shy away from the truth when you know it can be helpful and as usual I thought your
    advice was good.

  • I agree that @beaubliss is 💯 spot on with his advice!

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