What is the best thing your cuddle therapist can do?

It’s all in the title! Let me know what you think! ❤️


  • The best thing my cuddle therapist can do is make me not feel intimidating. People, especially women, are frequently unnerved by my general presence and a brief respite of being accepted is a truly cathartic experience.

    What I want is a kind and nurturing spirit that I can confide in. I, in turn, want to reciprocate that nurturing feeling so we both can confide in one another. At this point, the dialogue writes itself. :)

  • Great question, @AlissaJaneal.....
    Each of us could gain should we ask such questions about the work we do, and how to be serve clients.
    For me, the answer is simple: The BEST thing a cuddler can do for me is to show up with complete authenticity, and to acknowledge me; that is, the part of me they can connect with, and recognize.

    There are many other things I love too, including touch/hold with compassion, sweetness, and joy.....speak from the heart, give me goosebumps, dive into conversation deeply, breathe with me, laugh with me, intertwine our energies in silence, listen and tell stories.....but you did ask for the BEST, and I think nothing extraordinary can happen unless it is built upon acknowledgement of the other. We seek recognition, we want your attention.....and the we that wants such is that part that is thrilled to be noticed, appreciated, and celebrated.

    Thanks for asking!

  • What a great post!
    And so well-put, @beaubliss I’m saving your response - as a reminder for myself to read before each session!
    My first intent is to listen to what my cuddler client says, ask specific questions and pay attention to non-verbal cues. When we’re doing our screening, I visualize what they tell me about themselves and what their expectations are.
    I try not to proceed with preconceived ideas. Cuddling has to be intuitive to work.

  • Great question -- for me, communication is number one.

    Communicate with me, both before and during the session. Describe your sessions in your profile and let me know if anything's unique or different from other cuddlers I might have met with. During the session, ask me questions, suggest new cuddle positions, tell me if you'd prefer to do something different. Be honest and transparent with me -- if I suggest a cuddle position that's not your favorite, tell me! Yes, I know I'm the paying customer (I've only met with pros) but the session is going to be so much better if we're both comfortable.

    In the time between when we book and the actual session, keep in touch with me. I'm not saying message or text me every day, but keep in occasional touch, especially if the session is a few weeks in the future. Let me know that you're looking forward to the session (I promise I am!). Again, I know this is a paid service, and my doctor or mechanic doesn't text me in advance of appointments and tell me they can't wait to see me!! But cuddling is different, and sessions that have at least somewhat of a personal connection are so much better for both of us!!

    These little things really make a difference, and the best cuddle sessions I've had so far were enhanced by things the cuddle professional did or said ahead of our time together.

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