How can I be the best Pro cuddling man possible?

Of course, things like boundaries are important and not offering non-platonic services.
Are there things I should or shouldn’t say or do to give the wrong impression or make someone uncomfortable?
All constructive criticism is welcome. 🙂



    I suggest you carefully read this thread, and read between the lines a little, before you get too concerned about how to be a good male pro cuddler.

  • You don’t need to be the best you just need to be you. Everyone has their own inner energy and frequency. Some people are attracted to it. Some are not. This is not a competition. It’s not about numbers just be yourself.

  • Right, I just want both of us to have a good experience and put my best foot forward.

  • Read the sticky topics at the top of this board, starting with the first post in each case. Then do a training course. History teaches us that men professionals attract few, if any clients, and that most of those clients are men.

    Much good advice already in this thread.

    This thread is linked from one of them, but is worth repeating here:

    Nobody has really 'cracked' being a man cuddle profession. Sooner or later, somebody will - it might as well be you.

  • If you haven't already, consider taking some professional cuddling courses/getting certified. It's not a requirement, but can go a long way towards reassuring clients that you are worth your fee, know what you are doing, and can hold safe space for them.

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