Meeting publicly first

Pros, do you prefer meeting your client publicly first before the session or are you okay with just getting into the session? Thoughts?


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    I'm curious about this as well. Especially if you've spoken for weeks or months and have formed some sort of comfort level.

    For those who feel the need to meet publicly first, would Skype suffice or do you need that in person energy?
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    I have a pro that's asking we do coffee or lunch before we meet. I have had lunch or dinner with pros once we have gotten to know each other but this is the first time this has been asked of me to meet before we have our cuddle session. I'm fine with it and think it's a great way for pros and clients to first meet. I actually don't require it, I've had plenty of sessions where we meet and cuddle lol but if a pro asks this of me, I'm more than happy to do it.
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    I say public first is best for both people
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    Back on track. 

    It would be great if a Cuddler could comment on the first two comments in the thread. 
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    Aren't we all cuddlers ? That is the purpose of this site. If you mean pro then can we say that
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    I use a capital 'C' for Pros. "Cuddler" .  But to keep everything simple I'll use Pro.


    Pro Pro Pro.

    Something this thread is severely lacking (can we blame them?).
  • I blame choco with a capital C
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    I accept blame but it's chocO with a capital "O" as in hug. 

  • Ok, I can not speak for all pros so I'm only speaking for myself. Some people feel more comfortable meeting in public first and that's great. Other people don't need that and that is also great. I feel like it is a personal preference that might be based on experiences. I like to talk to people and get a feel for them since I'm inviting them into my home. I do like public meetings as well so everyone feels comfortable. 
    So basically if the cuddler prefers public then I will do public, if I prefer it then I hope they would respect that. It's not a judgement to meet someone in public first. I wouldn't take it as such. 
    I've seen some posts from the nons saying they are worried about someone stealing from them if they go to their house. WHAT?! You are going to their house with their things and you are worried about them stealing from you? First of all if that's your concern then you shouldn't go to their house. You should meet them in public. Also they have a lot more to lose having you in their home than you do being in their home. And maybe if you are that concerned with what you think could happen in the negative then you should look for someone else. 
    Everyone should be comfortable. Some people give off a crazy vibe both pro and non. Just use wisdom. I'm not here to do anything but cuddle and give a good positive experience too. I hope that's why everyone is here. If we all go into it with good intentions and not selfish ones then we are sewing good seeds to reap a good crop. 
    I hope to cuddle as many of you as I can soon! 
  • Dear Q, on this site we have very good and some bad, only last month we had a new Pro who quit after one session because of a action by a client, she broke the first rule, make sure you are happy with the client and the client with you, words are not enough, body language is far more important, if it takes a public face to face so be it or a public cuddle. I like the coffee or a light meal as the first meeting, cost a bit but to get the most out of cuddling you both must be feeling safe.
    Please all, play safe we are a caring community and enjoy the love and feeling cuddling gives.
    John and his trees. NZ.
  • One question that should be asked is if that public meeting before the session will use up any of the time we are paying for.   An hour of cuddling can go really fast.  I would think it would suck if you spent half of that just meeting somewhere else before you even cuddled    
  • [Deleted User]Spoonie (deleted user)
    I think meeting first is a great idea. I have suggested it in the past and have always been turned down. One of the women wanted to be compensated for her time.   
  • If they requested, then it should not count towards your paid time.
  • [Deleted User]Spoonie (deleted user)
    I asked , as a courtesy to help them feel more comfortable. I offered to buy coffee. 
  • Dear All. to all new friends to the site please think about this post and what has been said, we do not have many problems but there is always one that has to be there, the buddy thing and public place, work, ask most of the companions on here, you are meeting a unknown stranger for the first time think it through.
    It dose not have to cost a lot a chat at a coffee shop or a chat at a park, Skyp can be a good way to start the process but again it is not as good as in person. Women can be as much of a problem as men there are posts showing this on here so think what makes you feel comfortable.
    Love and peace. John and his trees Auckland NZ.

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    @funandadventure  as a "newbie" to this community I think that was well put for the safety of both parties. 
  • Quoted from @QTPi:
    .....Also they have a lot more to lose having you in their home than you do being in their home.

    Well...technically in terms of actual possessions, but not in the broader sense. There are lots of things that can go horribly wrong even with the most trustful of people. Especially when they have home field advantage and all. I've seen way too much Criminal Minds to think naive. #JustSayin #StayWoke
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    If a cuddler wants to meet publicly first, then I do, such as at a restaurant.  
  • The pro that I originally posted this about and I are going to meet for coffee first and then have our session afterwards. It's interesting how different people can view things so differently. There is a pro who lives very close to my work and she expressed safety concerns on the message board so I suggested we meet for coffee or lunch so that she can see I am safe and then we can have our session after. That whole thing was turned into me trying to ask a pro to lunch without paying for anything at all when all I was trying to do was help something feel safe.  
  • [Deleted User]CuddleBunny88 (deleted user)
    I would consider meeting up with someone first for coffee before starting a session. It would be a brief introduction and I would not count it towards our session. It would be great for personal safety reasons before inviting someone directly to my place for the first time.

    The one time I declined meeting up with a client for coffee, he asked me to wear a dress and he didn't have a set location for the session. He wanted us to drive around in his car and look for a hotel after. I will never book anyone who makes me feel at risk.
  • @CuddleBunny88, Well put and I agree the second part of the post is very much a red flag, Drive around in a strange car, where is the client coming from.
    Please all have fun but please, please, be safe.
    Love John and his trees, NZ
  • The meet and greet and cuddle session that I originally posted about in this thread, happened yesterday. We met at Starbucks and although we didn't intend on being there for as long as we were, the conversation and chemistry was so good that we ended up being there for about an hour. We then headed over to my place and had an amazing cuddle session. I am definitely open to doing this again but I think that if it is asked for by the pro, the client should not be charged for the meet and greet time which I was not. If the client insisted upon it, then the pro has every right reasonable right to ask for compensation.
  • I think its okay to meet for lunch if you have weird vibes about eachother or if the offer is genuine and they only do that every once in a while. But most of the people on here that message with me, feel comfortable enough to meet and cuddle with me right then and there.I have good karma that shows Im not a waste of time, and I always either feel a click while messaging or dont.
    I think it would be a little weird if a client was going around trying to get lunch with each and every pro cuddler just to get as much free time out of them as possible and Thats crossed my mind before. So Im always being careful about intentions as well. :)
  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)
    I think meeting in public in a must the first time but to think that means a free lunch session is weird. I think meeting in public is for my safety and others comfort but that could be a park or the movies etc where if everything seems cool then you could just have the session in public
  • I remember the first time a pro and I went to dinner together. The session was up and she said she was hungry and I said I was also so she looked and me and was like, I'm hungry and you're hungry so why don't we go get dinner together lol I don't look at moments like this as free time cause the guy is most likely gonna pay the bill and there would be no cuddling while eating anyway. Hey people have to eat right :-) I personally don't require a pre screen lunch or coffee but if a pro wants to do it, I'm fine with it.
  • My screening/vetting process has evolved over time,I always send an initial email, then text or speak on the phone, originally I met everyone in a public place prior to scheduling a session as I work out of my home. Sometimes it was a scheduling nightmare but it certainly provides more insight. I'd also face time if they couldn't meet in person. Sometimes it's just email, text and phone call. Now I decide after speaking on the phone if either the client or I would feel more comfortable meeting in person first.
    I don't do lunch or dinner, just a 15 min meetup at Panera or Starbucks works fine. Do what you feel safe with, different areas and communities have different degrees of risk. I also make sure they know someone will be present in the home during the session, for their safety and mine. If I don't meet in person I ask for picture id before releasing my address the day before the appt. I need to know who to open my door to.
    I rarely go into a session immediately after meeting, just schedule it. I do not charge for the 15 min "consultation/screening" as that is my investment to determine if I can take them as a client. It's working well for me.

  • [Deleted User]chococuddles (deleted user)

    While I understand and accept the need to meet in public first, I'm comfy after text/phone/Skype sessions. Everyone has their own level of comfort and while I'm more than willing to help someone feel comfy, jumping thru too many hoops would make ME feel uncomfy.

    But who am I to turn down a free lunch? ^_^

  • I plan on doing the same as I do meeting someone on a dating site. After a couple of messages, I want to speak to them on the phone. Then at least one Skype call so I can see that their face matches the profile photo. Any time someone resists phone or Skype calls, something is up. After one Skype, I'll know if I want to meet in person. If this is too many hoops for someone, that's fine with me. It's my safety that's at issue, and if he doesn't want to make me feel safe, I will pass.

  • [Deleted User]navyvet76 (deleted user)

    To me if someone wants too much info too quickly that is a bad sign to me thinking iy might be a phishing scam. So I think balance is key. Be careful about giving out too much personal info. But i totally agree about public meetings first

  • I ask for public meet first. We hang out, talk, get to know one another a little and then we both know if we are "clicking". If we click, great!, then we schedule a real session. If we don't click for whatever reason then we usually part ways on friendly terms like real adults.

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