Are you willing to travel to a different state to cuddle

Under what circumstances and expectations ?


  • I'd be especially careful in my vetting before agreeing to specifically travel that far for cuddling. It would be a highly vulnerable situation to trafficking, for one, not to mention high investment of time and resources with the potential for it to fall through.

    Most cuddlers who travel and cuddle do it the other way around - they are already planning to travel and then book sessions for the locations they are going. That way they are in control of the situation and time and resources are not wasted if a session cancels.

  • Client perspective here. Living in a small town makes it sometimes necessary for one party to travel for cuddles. I've hosted cuddlers who've driven 60-90 minutes to come see me (although same state), and I've traveled as well, once drove almost three hours (different state) to visit with a cuddler I really wanted to see.

    I've also visited out of town cuddlers while traveling for work, and once stopped in to see a cuddler on my way to a vacation (only required a slight detour).

    Except for one, all of these situations worked out really well. And even the one wasn't a disaster or a no show -- we just didn't really click, and then it was kind of a bummer to have to drive 90 minutes home after a disappointing session!

    But if you don't live in a big city, this is kind of a necessity.

  • I have to most often. I'm closer to more folks in another state than in my own. I wish there were more local cuddlers, but I'll absolutely travel for it if i have to.

  • I live less than an hour from one of the state lines, so going to that state is not unheard of for me if I'm getting paid to travel. 🤷‍♀️

  • Honestly it’s a no for me unless I’m already traveling but I can’t see myself doing it for safety reasons and the inconvenience of it even though I could charge extra

  • If the equivalent in my case is a country next door then no. If a city... Maybe if it's up to half hour drive.

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    Speaking as a non pro with cuddle friends scattered all over , I often times do or they come to me however it's not typically just for cuddling . Like it will be tied into a vacation or event, or as part of a plan for something else unless we are super tight and just miss each other . Also I might stop on way to see someone to visit someone else if I know I'm not going to be out that way for a while , for example when I was last in Denver and stayed with multiple friends . It's a unique way to travel and does cut down on hotel costs for sure

  • I am NOT willing to travel to a different state , however I am willing to travel to 49 +/- different states and elsewhere 😆

  • I dare say I cuddle more when I am traveling than when I am at home. That’s because I am at home for a week so I have to get all business, chores and errands taken care of in a few days when I am home.

  • From New England 🤍 I regularly cover multiple states. Some times I will ask for gas $$

  • I think part of the context is what states we're talking about. For New Englanders a different state is not so far. For larger states out west it could mean hours of driving or flights.

  • I'm from Pennsylvania, and I've traveled to Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, New York, Missouri, and Delaware for the express purpose of cuddling. In addition, I've cuddled in New Jersey and Georgia while traveling for other reasons.

  • The first 2 years I was on this site I cuddled out of state much more often than in state. Now it is much more often in state 😊

  • Yes Im a travel pro cuddler and love it! As long as the flight is covered I'm there!

  • "...willing to travel to a different state to cuddle" requires a slightly different commitment from someone in Texas than it does from someone in Rhode Island.

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