What have pros done to give you an over the top experience?!

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Hello there!

As a newer pro with past experience working as a platonic companion, I know one way to make it in the industry is to stand out. Whether that means by showing up with coffee, bringing aromatherapy, or extra fluffy blankets, I'm just curious as to what made some of your best pro sessions, and why that is :) As a pro, I want to provide the most quality session possible and need some more ideas of things to bring/do/talk about

I'm looking forward to hearing some hopefully new ideas!! :)


  • I've seen I think 23 pros now and all of the sessions have been great. I personally have always felt things like coffee are not a great idea cause it hypes some people up and then there's coffee breath lol

    The best most amazing things that pros have done for me is when they truly enjoy my company, the session we are having and express that. They can express their enjoyment in many ways such as sighs of contentment, verbally with words or simply just the look in their eyes. I've had pros stay on their own time after the paid time was over simply because they were enjoying my company. You have no idea how special that makes a client feel.

    I've never had a pro bring anything other than themselves and I'm generally well prepared but I would be open to them bringing candles or incense.

    The worst thing at least in my opinion that a pro can do is to make the session feel businesslike. I thinknmkst clients want to feel like they are spending time with a friend rather than it being a business transaction.

  • I always offer tea or coffee when I do an incall. I like to light candles sometimes to make a relaxing mood. I have a metal head scratcher and an electronic back massage le thing I'll use on clients as well as a lavender massage lotion sometimes. I like to give people little hand massages and ask if they want to watch anything. I also like to ask them what they hope to get out of the session so I can tailor it to them. Oh and I always have soft fuzzy blankets on hand

  • I am friends with a paid cuddler who for an overnight or multi hr session will cook a gourmet meal

  • @Morpheus - Exactly, agree100%

    @buffyswan - If you are ever in the NYC area I'd love to cuddle with you - seems like you have the right idea about professional cuddling.

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    Unfortunately I can't do in calls, so those things (while great ideas and would do if I could host) are sometimes hard to do. And whenever I ask clients if theres anything they'd like for me to bring or do, they have no ideas.

    This why I'm asking here :) But yeah the hand massage thing would definitely be something I could easily do. I've wanted to bring candles or incense, but some of my clients rent places at hotels/motels, and I'm not sure if that's allowed there.

    And no I never make it feel businesslike, I understand what my clients are paying for. I don't set timers, require IDs, that sort of thing. I guess I should be asking what did your pro do outside of how they treated you to help insure intimacy/good vibes or whatever. I know how to treat my clients haha.

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    I have a client that travels far, out of state to cuddle with me. We've been cuddling since I first started here:-) We have a mutual respect for one another! We now plan overnights that include dinner & drinks:-) It's the company and conversation that make it special. I even paid for our Lyft ride to and from the restaurant! He had never ordered a car before, and very much enjoyed being driven there and back, so that we could hold hands and focus on each other:-) So, I guess what I'm trying to convey is that as long as you do what ever it is, it comes from the heart:-) Peace

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