public entail ?

public cuddling would entail what ? this county we live still looks down on PDA.


  • I cuddle at parks every so often. In my location people have been pretty open minded. Nobody has said anything to me or my cuddle buddy while cuddling in a public place. :)

  • [Deleted User]StarFlower (deleted user)

    Hand-holding, side-by-side leaning against the other person, and putting your arm around the other person and stroking their arm or back. I think those three things wouldn't set off any alarm bells.

    ~StarFlower, Dallas-Fort Worth area

  • One of the non-pro ladies I cuddled with wanted to meet in public first. I suggested the Dallas Aquarium since it was too hot for cuddling in a park. We'd walk around and cuddle while standing at the different habitats or cuddle up sitting on a bench. After we finished exploring the place and it had cooled down a bit outside we went to a park nearby to cuddle under a tree.
    A few ideas:
    1. a coffee shop that you know has couches to cuddle up in
    2. busy but not overly busy businesses like the zoo or aquarium
    3. if you both enjoy hookah (nothing illegal in them) then many hookah lounges have comfortable set ups to cuddle at too
    4. go see a movie as you can cuddle in the nicer ones that the arm rest folds up into the seat
    5. parks are always good ideas as long as the weather isn't too hot that you'd both be sweating
    6. depending on your location, cuddling at a mall can be fun to enjoy people watching too

    Those are some of my ideas for public meet ups. Hope these help!

  • I've thought about having a cuddle session at a movie theater. That is a public session although somewhat private considering the theater is dark. The theater I go to has comfy recliners so it would totally work.

  • I do think that whether a public meetup be with a pro or non-pro, both people should be clear ahead of time on any admission charges. A non-pro I was going to an aquarium with, we made it clear before deciding to meet that we were paying separately. A pro may or may not be okay with splitting the cost as it would eat into their earning for the session, but if it's for a multiple hours session though then $5-20 might not be that big of a deal for them. It would depend on the pro, if it was a first meet or a regular, how long the session is and if the pro rates were $40 an hour or $100, and if they could justify to spending a little money if they knew they'd still be making a larger amount.
    Just one of those things that both people should blatantly discuss before meeting for a public cuddle that charges admission for the location.

  • Reurbo has a great point. This also goes for things like parking charges etc. Make sure to check ahead of time to prevent any unexpected charges for anyone. In Los Angeles, even going to a cafe in some areas requires paid parking and fees. Annoyingly so many businesses fail to list things like parking charges/lots on their websites so it might take some Google digging. :)

  • Public cuddling would be PDA without kissing. The rest is the same: hand holding, arms around waist and shoulder while walking side by side, sitting on a park bench with arm around shoulders and head resting on shoulder. If you're at a park with a blanket and are lying down, snuggling up next to one another, arms around each other. Passersby only get upset if you're eating each others faces off. Since no kissing is one of the cuddle boundaries, public cuddling shouldn't be a problem for anyone.

  • [Deleted User]Dannn (deleted user)

    I cuddled outside Buckingham Palace until the Police tried to break us up and proceeded to chase us down the road as we ran looking over our shoulders and stroking each other's arms. We managed to jump on a bus where we proceeded to hold our hands up to them through the window as tasers bounced off the glass.

  • :p best post yet lmao. I like walking at parks holding hands... a head lean and hugs are not reasonable actions worth complaining about.

  • [Deleted User]mostar1219 (deleted user)

    So, is it pretty much a platonic version of a date?

  • [Deleted User]MoonlightSonata (deleted user)

    Public cuddling includes cuddling anywhere in public. So in other words, cuddling at the park, cuddling at the movie theater, cuddling at a museum, cuddling in a plane, cuddling in a train, cuddling in a swimming pool, cuddling in a public building, cuddling at the amusement park....well, you get the idea. Basically cuddling anywhere and everywhere that is outside of the house.

  • @MoonlightSonata

    Would you cuddle in a box? Would you cuddle with a fox?

  • @CeliaC

    I would cuddle on the stair. I would cuddle anywhere.

  • The only problem with cuddling in public is you have to find someone to do it with.

  • Yes. That might be a problem when nobody wants to cuddle in public lol.

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