How Many Positions During a Session?

Do you change cuddle positions a lot when you cuddle? I tend to favor about four or five positions, the ones with the most full body contact, and I go zen and stay in them a long time.


  • I do like to change positions, I would describe myself as an active cuddler and I usually take the initiative and try to flow from one position to the next.
    It all depends on the place as well because I’ve had a beach cuddle (fully clothed, no bathing suits) and a movie theater cuddle and those two places were pretty restrictive as to what you can do. Same with a park bench, other than sitting together and embracing each other there’s not much more you can do.
    That’s why a hotel room or a home setting is better because I like to start slow, like at the couch just sitting close and chatting and then getting a little closer at the couch and ultimately ending up on the bed to just getting creative with different positions.

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    I am active with my hands, always touching, squeezing, caressing. But I do get a great deal of pleasure out of feeling that full body contact and body heat, plus the pressure if I'm being covered. So I'm happy to stay in the same position a long time and just bliss out. We're always talking and laughing, so no one is ever bored.

  • Maybe I didn’t mention it but by active I meant not only changing positions but also being very active with my hands and my body, caressing, giving gentle shoulder rubs while spooning, running my fingers through hair and my hands up and down the arms, back, etc
    There were a couple of times that were very calm and laid back because in the end even for cuddling you need chemistry but for the most part I’ve found my cuddle partners to get into it as much as I do and when that happens it is very fulfilling.

  • I get bored if we stay in the same position for too long. Love changing position several times during a Cuddle session. Also love caressing and touching backs and arms and heads. Some pro cuddlers are very lethargic and boring. I feel so happy when I meet one who has more energy. Overnights are good for less energy sleeping like positions

  • Sometimes it is hard for me to stay in one position too long, because of neck, back, and knee injuries. Therefore, changing positions is a must for me.
    <3 Jim

  • For me, a lot of it depends on my cuddler. His personality, mood at the time of cuddle, and what he has communicated before and during the cuddle. It can also depend on the time of day. Morning and daytime cuddles are a bit more energetic and positions are changed more frequently. Night time cuddles, when the room is dark and you can see the flicker of the candles and it's nice and quiet, tend to be longer and more leisurely. After my cuddler has worked all day he may just want to relax with his head on my chest while I hold him and rub his back and run my fingers through his hair. I'm happy either way.

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    Poly and I share similar issues that come with experience of years. Even the parts that have been repaired need to be moved from time to time. I’m a horrible partner sleeping in bed, because I turn every so often all night. Right now it’s my shoulders. Side by side on the sofa (like in the old bench seat in the car) my arm most naturally goes behind the head and around the shoulders.. if I do that more than 15-20 minutes that shoulder will be sore fit two days! My hips are also fussy. I move position a lot .

  • I like to feel it out with each person. Most of the time just lay my head on their chest or spoon but sometimes I love to have their head in my lap so I can masssage their head and hands and shoulders. Or i like to be the backback (since iim small I cant claim Im a big spoon) :P

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    I typically go into the spoon position with legs wrapped into each other’s. I also find my having my partners head resting on my chest very intimate.

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    Hmmm, someone should write a book on cuddling positions and techniques, kind of like the Kama Sutra for cuddling. I've already thought of a title that they can use:

    From Spooning to Forking; an A to Z guide on platonic cuddling.

    ;) =) :p :3

  • Well, a book called The Cuddle Sutra already exists. One can even download the pdf for free from a number of sources.
    Here's one:

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    I was joking with that book title in my previous post, but thanks for that link. Turns out "forking" is actually a real cuddle position.

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    For 1st-timers, communication is key! If you have some cuddle positions to share, let me know:-) As well as I'm always eager to share new positions, such as the "womb cuddle, moon spoon" just to name a couple:-) I have several others without names;-) Happy Cuddles!

  • I love changing positions and making sure both people are comfy, but there's a point where if you're constantly switching around it ruins the flow of the session a bit. Plus you can always do smaller body changes within the same position. For example, if we're facing each other we can hug, or I can stroke your arm, or whatever, which disrupts the flow less. Yay cuddling :)

  • I'm of the opinion that once you are comfy, why move around more than you have to. If its not broke, don't fix it.

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    @pmvines as I’ve gotten older and have more aches and pains, 25-30 minutes in one position is often time to shift. Wish it were otherwise.

  • @Greybeard I tend to not be able to really cuddle for extended periods without breaks either. I get hot and claustrophobic lol

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    @pmvines "I'm of the opinion that once you are comfy, why move around more than you have to. If its not broke, don't fix it."

    I call that zen cuddling. I do it, too. :D

  • I shoot for at least 53.

    I got 62 once but video review cut that to 58-1-2.

    I prefer to blow a whistle and yell, "GO GO GO!" and then we switch it up.

    Competitive cuddling hasn't taken off yet but it will.

    We have hot dog eating contests in this country so why not?

    Ok so I suppose we have to be serious here lest someone take offense so with that in mind and directly on topic I say as much as you'd like pending on comfort and if you both get too warm though if you find you are quite comfortable to just remain so.

  • @MonsterRain if you're looking for a competitive cuddling partner I'm in! My competitive nature drew me in lol

    I'm also totallllllly into Zen cuddling @BlueIris and @pmvines ? that full body warmth is like a drug! Lol

  • @Sashamcgee - I'm into any kind of cuddling, as long as it's more relaxing and less like a gymnastic event. :) My cuddles very often go quiet and zenlike, but I did have a cuddle with someone who liked to change positions more often than I generally end up doing. Fun!! And yes, the body warmth is addictive!

  • @BlueIris I also like every kind of cuddling! I had a cuddle the other night though and he just told me jokes the whole time. I was laughing so hard, it was awesome! Laughing and cuddling are definitely top five on my list of favorite things in life so it was a great night ?

  • I like when you are both in a cuddle trance and lose track of what you are doing, just petting and loving on each other while your brain is off in outer space somewhere

  • @pmvines - That's what I call a zen cuddle.

  • If you'll forgive my geekiness, the outer space trance feeling is caused by theta waves in your brain. Theta waves are correlated with breakthrough creativity - novel solutions to problems showing up. Those super-relaxed states seem to show up more with more stillness.

    I recently went to Cuddle Sanctuary's amazing cuddler training, which got me using more positions with clients. People I cuddled before and after seem to agree that switching positions more makes the time go faster (which none of them are optimizing for..but some of the positions are awesome, and it becomes more challenging to choose just a few.)

  • I imagine staying in one position for a long time particularly if it feels good for both participants I’m a great believer in staying with something that’s working. Still to experience platonic cuddling so that may change in the reality of a situation

  • One, I need to do more cuddling to get a good sense of how often I or they move, and two, I'm ALL for more "zen cuddles" in general. Thanks for the new phrase, @BlueIris !

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