What To Say To Combat Platonic Cuddling Controversy

I remember watching a Facebook video about two gentlemen who reviewed Cuddle Comfort. The comments about platonic cuddling beneath the video was horrific. Now listen, I believe in the power of cuddling and I most certainly believe in what I do as a professional cuddler. What would you say to someone who is hesitant over the ideas of platonic cuddling?


  • Come into my arms! ;)

  • I usually dont bat an eye too much if someome thinks negatively of whbat I do. I know its platonic and therapudic. Granted there may be some that push that linr and thats why there is some bad misconceptions. All you can do is say its not and if they dont beleive you, thats their problem :p

  • I have a few friends who get it when I was considering doing this . Otherwise I don’t tell most of the people in my life because they just can’t get past the idea it’s like being a prostitute . To Family and friends I identify as a therapeutic caregiver. Now someone really asked my thoughts or considering getting a session . I gave them an example of people in hospitals and elder care homes having animals come in to cuddle and pet has shown to help patients .They tend to heal faster and be in better spirits . How much more would you get if it’s a person there to not just cuddle for that physical non sexual touch. But provides that connection but you can actually talk to , share what you are feeling or just have a stimulating conversation with . It’s about comfort , support and companionship that we all need .

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    ^^ That's a great way of putting it!

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    I don't really seek controversies or even bring things up (in general, unless I know they're mature enough, open minded about things and we are at a stage to have some talks) unless need be. I generally keep to myself for 'endless' ( well that's a little exaggerated) reasons. You do yours, I do mine.

    Those who match my personality and views will stay. Those who don't, I don't really need them anyways if they can't respect our differences. If saying it's a Platonic relationship isn't good or simple enough for them to understand, I don't need the headache to defend it or keep talking with a fwit.

    If they go and judge, I am still living my life. I am nearly past the stage of worrying much of what others think unless they're things I agree with or they seem constructive feedback. While I think some people need sometime to wrap their head around things they may or may not have heard of before,
    I've no time for utterly judgemental people; they can take their time at bay. *Some people do come around, so not every patience and educating them is a waste especially when they're respectful even if they totally don't grasp the idea.

    If they are just curious and not put off, I can explain some.

    I think in general, people are just more used to the mainstream relationship types: 'the all included' 'hookups' and 'sexless relationships'. Not to mention how we live in an overly sexualized world.
    Some are also accepting and come to terms with 'actual relationships' (I will use this term lightly because even cuddle buddies can have amazing long term relationship even that grow into friendships over time)
    that wait until a certain time or until marriage.
    Although with that, most just say they're in a relationship.
    Some assume it's sexual, some assume it's not and some don't think more about or don't give a damn.

    People also know FWB and just Friends. Though this form even I question a bit if it falls under FWB though if we/they were not to judge and the term isn't exclusive to sex as the benefits we could question what the benefits are?
    Not suggesting we identify with it as it would bring about even more issues and misunderstanding. I don't suppose even fwbs go around saying they're fwbs.

    Therefore, I like the term Platonic relationship better. Even though I think as the definition this can be associated to have romantic feelings... or be exclusively friends. If you must and are bold enough Platonic cuddle buddies 'PCB' might be technically the best reference though pay heed with this usage.
    I personally would say we're just friends. Let them make what they want out of it. My friends might or might not toss around 'jokes' though they're actually cool about my life choices as far as I know and that's the kinds of relationships anyone should aim to have and keep.
    Although when/if some (people see you 'two' up close more than just friends usually are) they make assumptions. NO matter what you say there will always be those who judge, assume, distance you... As the saying goes, you can't please everyone. Some will even have an issue with you just for breathing.
    In the end...
    Anyways, your relationship(s) are and should stay your business for the most part. I think.
    Live. Love. Let live. Enjoy. Don't worry too much about such things. "Those who matter don't mind. Those who mind don't really matter.":)

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    As for professional cuddling, I don't judge.
    However, it's not really something I personally support much. (I don't really have much reasoning as far as I know and gave thought to the topic). A part of me supports. A part of me doesn't really. Though I don't judge it at all. I also know that like with any businesses they're some who go in it for the wrong reasons namely money. I can also understand why some people might not be entirely in because they might not feel so much at ease knowing they will have to pay and they're wondering if less time will take their stress away and result in them paying less. While as business people, as part of their job is to keep the time rolling.

    I don't really believe in paying for such things. Even sex. Not linking the two of course!
    Although I could understand why some pay for and some want to be paid for.
    Although I get that they're some amazing people out there that can provide authentic services. One could question the authenticity of the service when they're paying for.

    Some don't provide authenticity, they put on a play to get paid. Again, they're bad apples in everyone, everything... and that is what I am referring to.
    In some, maybe most cases money is the initial drive because if a 18+ would not go cuddle with like a person who's 40/50+ or a gender they normally wouldn't or anything they normally wouldn't though would do it if they got paid, wouldn't that be money driven at least initially...?
    Well. That's just my perspectives on all parts. All the best to everyone! :)

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